Saturday 15 March 2008

This is Margate website

The Margate Renewal Partnership has launched a snazzy little website promoting Margate as a great place to live: It's all in a seaside postcard stylee. Nicely designed and very enthusiastic about Margate being a creative hub. Not sure we're there yet, but it would be nice to aim for. Transport wise they state:

"Planes, trains, automobiles and even boats allow you to work rest and play on the coast, and be in London or the continent in little over an hour."

Projected train times in 2009 from London to Margate are 98 mins. Not just over an hour. Although it would be lovely it were faster.

I thought the beach scenes photography underwhelming compared to the sheer beauty of the beaches. It's hard not to take a good picture of the main sands. Something which always amazes me when seeing the stock photos used by the Thanet Gazunder on various articles. Why oh why they have to have a bikini clad bird from the 80s sunbathing with Arlington Court in the background? The Flickr stream for Margate has lots of nice shots of the beaches.