Wednesday 29 September 2010

Thanet Local Board Meeting Fiasco

I had the pleasure of sitting through Monday's Thanet Local Board meeting in Ramsgate. There's enough turning up on Twitter, Facebook and the blogs that show that there were many people in the hall who were not too pleased at how the meeting was chaired and how the panel members responded. I have to agree. It really is a pretty poor practice to cut people up 2 seconds into framing a question to tell them to hurry up and ask a question. And further to bemoan that only questions were being asked about the airport. Er, the meeting was in Ramsgate. The airport is a really important issue for many people. And as usual being handled dreadfully! I'll leave more detailed discussion of Manston to the lovely folks who are doing a sterling job of keeping on top of the debate.


Tuesday 28 September 2010

Margate featured in BA Highlife Magazine

Feature in BA's Highlife inflight magazine guest edited by Tracey Emin. Text by Harland Miller, photos by Johnnie Shand Kidd.
Nice to see The Shell Grotto and the Powell Cotton Museum featured as the cream of Margate attractions. Beautiful photography. Also great to see a discussion with a taxi driver about the ridiculous idea of painting the stone lighthouse!
PDF of the article for download here.

All in all a very grown up, personal and honest visit to Margate.

The Coast Awards 2011

Vote for your favourite coastal hotel, B&B, cafe, pier, beach and more in the 2011 Coast Awards:

Saturday 18 September 2010

Georgian Grade II Listed House for Sale

26 Hawley Square is the one on the left of the picture

As usual, the Thanet estate agents have excelled in advertising a Grade II Listed Georgian house by failing to mention that it is Georgian or Grade II Listed. Really there is much work to be done here in Thanet.

How crazy is it that the only sales pitch they have for selling a grade II listed building is to describe that it has plug points, stairs up and down and a dado rail!? They really have no clue. Does anyone put into Google dado rail or stairs up and down?

But I digress. Here are the details of the house which forms part of a pair, situated on the historic Hawley Square with over 30 listed properties surrounding a central green tree lined square.

Details of the listing of 26 Hawley Square:

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Mick Twyman

It's with great sadness that I write that Mick Twyman, the founder of Margate Historical Society died suddenly yesterday morning. Mick was a tower of knowledge about Margate. My first meeting with him was typical Mick. He presented me with an original photograph of my house, taken in the Victorian era. A picture no one else had seen! It's something I will always treasure along with all the help he gave me in researching the Zion Chapel Burial Ground. It's a great loss and my thoughts are with Mick's friends and family at this sad time.