Friday 4 August 2017

Massive hotel proposed for Hosers Corner Guy Hollaway Architects

Oh how interesting! Isn't it a stroke of luck that the planning for multiple flats on the Hoser's Corner was always renewed by Thanet Council for over a decade, despite the flats later not according with planning guidance for Cliftonville West. Some kind of trench was dug in July 2010 and Building Control witnessed a commencement of works just before the planning permission would lapse and no longer accord with the Cliftonville West planning guidance prohibiting one bed flats. I wrote about this here. When I last looked, it's a site that's been a derelict eyesore for years.
This is an unusual location for a hotel in Margate. It's not where I'd think most tourists want to stay when visiting the area (very busy corner with not great views) and also seems to be massively overdeveloped for a small site footprint.