Friday 22 May 2015

Owners of Thanet Press are appealing

I got a letter today from Thanet Council dated May 21st 2015. It states the Baird Group who are owners of the Thanet Press site are appealing Thanet Council's decision to refuse GTL Property Management Ltd's application for 2 x 4 storey buildings with 64 one and two bed flats and the demolition of the existing Thanet Press buildings. Appeal ref: APP/Z2260/W/15/3013844.

The letter states the Council received the appeal on 05/03/2015 and that the appeal start date was 15/05/2015.

I went along this evening to view the files at the Thanet Gateway aka Margate Library. There were no files to view.

One has to question why an appeal that was received on 05/03/2015 and that started on 15/05/2015 is only being notified by letter on 21/05/2015. And of course the obvious; where are the appeal files?

No doubt all will be revealed on Tuesday after the bank holiday.

In the meantime, we now face an appeal to try to save this historic print press site that could provide many jobs.