Monday 21 July 2008

"Mr Turner gets steamed up!"

I was glad to have stumbled across Robert Poulter's New Model Theatre on the Harbour Arm this weekend. I hadn't realised it was on. We caught the showing of "Mr Turner gets steamed up!" which was a jaunty piece about Margate's most famous visiting artist and his liason with a certain Mrs Booth who had a house at what is now the Yacht Club building.

Robert advises signing up to his mailing list to keep up with his latest works as he doesn't get time to update his website.

Monday 7 July 2008

Twinkle twinkle little boat

The Celestial Radio boat came to Margate on Saturday. Just at the right time, in the sunny slot before the clouds came.

The rest of my Margate travels saw that there doesn't seem to be visible damage to the Arcadian building on Fort Hill. So not sure where the reported fire was. And talking of fires, The Today Programme reported a fire in Westgate this morning, but I have so far not found reference to it in the news channels.

Friday 4 July 2008

Thanet's dog accessible beaches

As a new owner of a four legged furry friend, I was interested to know which beaches I could take the pooch to over the summer. TDC's dog guide on their website unfortunately doesn't have a map or illustration of the various bays and beaches where I can take my canine friend. They have a list of beach names, but some are so small or local that they don't come up in google maps. As a newcomer to the area, I've no idea where Fulsam Rock is and neither will other tourists.

I called TDC who offered to post me a leaflet. I declined in deference to saving on paper and time. But would be nice to have a map on the site, please, TDC. Should be simple enough.

We apologise for the interuption in service...

Sorry folks, well, the small amount of readers of this little blog. I've neglected this blog over the last few weeks. But on one of my last trips out to survey the progress on Cliff Terrace, I noticed the bargain price of £139,000 has been literally scribbled out on the hoarding.

Is this indicative of a price hike or a price drop?

Hopefully, with the credit crunch biting someone will buy the job lot of them and reconvert to shops. Hopeful? No, but you can but dream.