Monday 17 December 2012

Rough Guide publish their reasons why Margate deserves to be on their travel hot list for 2013

Rough Guides' travel editor Rachel Mills: 
"Just to set the record straight, we're not saying it's one of the top ten travel destinations in the world. We're not claiming it's a chocolate box resort to rival those in Dorset or a landscape to equal Lancashire's wild coastline. The list is our pick of places we think deserve a visit in the coming year. We do however think that the seaside resort is unique and special, and we feel it deserves a spotlight shone on it in 2013."

No one is saying Margate is perfect. But that it is an interesting place to visit. There is much more to do in terms of turning the town around. That's for sure. And any of those lining up to complain about the town's woes are I'm sure the same people turning up to volunteer to help things improve? 

Underscore's view on Margate's success

London based brand consultants, Underscore, were hired to rebrand Margate. They produced "The Original Seaside' slogan that has since appeared on bins, hoardings and some literature.

They've now said the following about the reaction to Margate being included on The Rough Guide's must see destination list for 2013.

"When Underscore took on the task of re-branding Margate, we never thought it would rocket the seaside town up to Number 7 on The Rough Guide’s must see destinations for 2013! 
Margate, described as ‘the gem on the Isle of Thanet’ is the only British destination on the list, amongst cities in Sweden, Cyprus and Puerto Rico. At Underscore we decided the town needed to shed its clich├ęd image of a British seaside town past its best, and focus on its positives – beautiful sandy beaches, character filled streets and the ever-increasing art scene. 
A brand new, £17.5m Turner Art Gallery opened in Margate last year, brining in thousands of art fans to view art by the likes of Tracy Emin. The town has developed a whole host of new indie art spaces, galleries and vintage shops to add to its cute cafes and help make it one of the top destinations in the world. 
It seems now, the only people who need convincing are the locals! Branded as ‘the original seaside’ Margate residents responded to the Rough Guide’s lists saying they thought visitors would be ‘very, very disappointed’ in what they found. 
We cant help but suspect our great re-brand for the town had everything to do with Margate’s new position as a must see destination for 2013! Donkey ride along the beach anyone?!"

Tuesday 11 December 2012

When will Margate Town Team have a meeting the public can go to?

I asked Margate Town Team if the meeting tonight was open to the public. This is in addition to asking who is on the actual Town Team Committee, details of the budget, expenditure and minutes from the meetings since August.

This is the reply I got:

---------- Forwarded message ----------Date: 11 December 2012 14:15
There is definitely NO PUBLIC MEETING this evening - I fail to understand why certain individuals spread rumours that are completely untrue and cause unnecessary grief.   Please spread the word to quash this rumour.  
We are having a normal MTT meeting with Exec Committee and TT Members only.  If there had been a public meeting this would have been widely promoted, of course, and definitely sent out to all my contacts and local traders informed.  
With Christmas pending, this is not a suitable time for a Public Meeting, so when one is organised sometime in the New Year, I will definitely inform everyone as I always do and will give plenty of notice, which is important to involve all interested parties.  
Hard copies of the past minutes are now available for inspection in the MTT Office. Wanda will be attaching copies of these also to the Margate Town website.    
Sorry to dash - if anything else, I will respond tomorrow.  
Kind regards P

[Ed.] By the way, I didn't add the red 'NO PUBLIC MEETING' that was in the reply email!

Now, call me crazy, but really is it odd to expect that 7 months in to a 12 month Central Government backed pilot scheme that members of the public would be able to come to a meeting?

Never mind the fact that there is still no confirmation of who is on the Town Team Committee and how they got on there. No minutes in digital format, other than a hard copy in 'the office', and no details of budget expenditure.

We've heard nothing of anything organised for Christmas for the High Street. Nada. 

Monday 10 December 2012

Margate Sinners! Repent! Satan's Grotto is here for 1 more day

The brilliant Satan's Grotto in the basement at Parade Gallery Margate is, well, just a brilliant concept.  It's a beautifully creative use of a pop up space. I think the best Christmas event I've seen in ages. It seems to have captivated people. Plus they get an original Nick Morely gift too. Nick's page:

Follow #satansgrotto on Twitter @parademargate @Hazeleigh89 @Linocutboy

My second good Margate thing this weekend was Dan Bass' annual Christmas Party for freelancers and freeloaders. Genius. Around 50 people turned up to Barnacles on Friday night. The event has become an institution and shows how much the Margate creative community has grown over the last few years. Those of us without a company do to go have a place to be!

Satan's Grotto is open for one extra day today, Monday 10th. I can think of a good few Margate big wigs who could well do with a confessional in the basement. But that's another thing. You know who you are!

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Kent Creative Workshop - Thursday December 6th

Calling all creatives!

Come to a workshop to help Kent County Council understand the needs of creative people and businesses across the county.

Thursday December 6th, 4pm-6pm: Margate Media Centre, 11-13 King Street, Margate, CT9 1DD.

The full range of workshop dates are in the invitation PDF.

On behalf of Kent County Council, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy ( is carrying out research into Kent’s Creative Hotspots – those places where the creative sector has the greatest potential for growth and where investment in workspace and 'wrap-around' infrastructure will deliver the enabling conditions for a vibrant and value-adding creative sector. In doing this we hope to understand the current provision of workspace for creative businesses, forecast what future demand and potential gaps in provision will be, as well as identify those places which represent the biggest opportunity for growth.
Each workshop will focus on three main questions:
1. What are the current strengths and weaknesses of Kent as a location for creative practitioners and businesses?
2. What are the biggest barriers to success faced by creative practitioners and businesses in the County?
3. What should be the priorities for investment in the future for public and private sector organisations?

Monday 3 December 2012

Tonight is Hydropathe Film Club night at the Tom Thumb Theatre

Tonight is Monday night and this means it's the Hydropathe film club night at the delightful Tom Thumb Theatre. I'm not always clever enough to get the clues, but this week I reckon I've cracked it. 

Housed within one of Margate and Cliftonville treasures, the Tom Thumb Theatre, Hydropathe is fast becoming a ritual. 

They release clues in the week before as to what the film will be. But actually, I really like the surprise element of not knowing. Entry costs £2.50. There's a bar for drinks and of course popcorn. Doors open at 6.30 and the film starts at 7.30. 

The audience can suggets films and at some point they might be lucky to have a screening. But it's all a surprise. 

This is one of the exciting little gems of an event to spring up in the area that make Margate so special. Have an idea? Try it out. 

They publish clues on their facebook page. 

This week's clues:
CLUE 1: this week's film features an actor who also featured in the first film we played at Club Hydropathe ...
CLUE 2: I'll show you the life of the mind!
CLUE THREE: a box, a hotel, a type-writer.

Councillor Shirley Tomlinson banned from driving for drink driving

The Thanet Gazette have reported that Thanet Councillor, Shirley Tomlinson who is Shadow Member for Housing and Planning and whose committee appointments also list the Licensing Committee, has been banned from driving for 21 months after being found guilty of driving over twice the legal limit on November 12th. 

"COUNCILLOR Shirley Tomlinson was banned from driving today after she was stopped more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system.
The Conservative former shadow cabinet member for housing was pulled over by police early on Monday, November 12 near her home in Nash Court Road, Margate.
The former Margate mayoress had 84mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath, in excess of the legal 35mg limit when behind the wheel of her Toyota people carrier.
Mrs Tomlinson received a 21-month driving ban which can be reduced to 16 months on completion of a rehabilitation course.
She was also ordered to pay a £360 fine, £15 victim surcharge and £85 costs.
For more details, see Friday's Isle of Thanet Gazette."

Thursday 29 November 2012

Margate's Portas Pilot featured on BBC Radio Kent November 27th - 6 months in

Richard Ash (centre) 
On the 27th of November, BBC Radio Kent ran a feature on Margate Town Team on their breakfast show. It was an update on the first six months of the Portas Pilot project. I was briefly interviewed along with others, including the Team's 3rd chairman, local landowner farmer, Richard Ash. If you missed it, here are the audio files.

Richard, alludes to difficult circumstances and the problems caused by people leaving after 4 months on the project. I recall I resigned after three months. The project was in place, budget set ready for sign off, bank account and website up and ready.

Richard confirms that £10,000 has now been drawn down and £800 has been spent on annual checks of the festive lights in the High Street that were installed by Margate Town Partnership, which Richard also Chairs.

Friday 16 November 2012

Conservative Councillor Shirley Tomlinson charged with drink driving

The Thanet Gazette have reported that Conservative Councillor Shirley Tomlinson has been charged with drink driving. Mrs Tomlinson was stopped by Officers in Nash Court Road on November 12th and will appear before Magistrates on December 3rd.

It's been a busy year for Thanet Councillors!

Ex Thanet Council leader Conservative Councillor Sandy Ezikiel will stand trial before Maidstone Magistrates in January.

Conservative Councillor Ken Gregory was cautioned in May this year after leaving a message on a fellow Thanet Councillor's answer-phone saying "With any luck, you'll get aids".

Margate Town Team announce Robert Jarvis Sound Installation

Margate Town Team have announced news of a sound art project for Margate High Street by artist Robert Jarvis. Robert has previously worked on a number of projects in Margate:

  • Entomophonix  -  sound installation for Marine Studios, April 2010.
  • Vibrations  -  music composition project for Royal School for Deaf, November 2004.
  • The Eyes Shut The Ears  -  sound installation, ‘Margate Rocks’ Arts Festival, July 2003

High Street Sounds

Margate Town Team is excited to announce a new sound art project in collaboration with sound artist and composer, Robert Jarvis.

Between now and the beginning of February, Robert hopes to create a number of audio compositions to complement the experience of people shopping on the High Street.  It is hoped that the created sound pieces will be a talking point amongst people in the town and therefore help increase footfall, adding another layer of interest and appeal to this part of the town.

The sound pieces will be played using a recent advance in audio technology that allows shop windows to act as loudspeakers capable of playing quiet sounds.  This is achieved by placing a small (mobile phone size) audio driver onto a window. This passes the sound vibrations to the glass with the result that the sound can be heard emanating from the shop front.  The technology doesn't take up any room, and the sounds can be timed to play at any time.

The first premises along the High Street to have a device placed on the window front is the Crafted Naturally shop, which forms a part of our Town Team building at the bottom of the High Street.  Do come and have a listen and speak with the shop owner Wendy James if you are interested in finding out a bit more.

For those who think that they would like to be a part of this project, there will be a meeting next Tuesday 20th November at 5.30pm in the Town Team shop office at 16-18 High Street. Please do come along, meet Robert and listen to his ideas about what might be possible.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Fwd: Grow for It: East Kent Bus Tour : 13 - 16 November GET ON BOARD !

A bus is coming to Thanet this week to promote the Kent County Council 'Grow For It' campaign, which includes PR of the £35m Region Growth Fund post, Expansion East Kent 0% Loan Scheme.

"This week the Wednesday - Canterbury,  Westgate Towers (09.00 - 12.00)
Thursday - Folkestone, The Glassworks (09.00- 12.00)
Friday - Broadstairs, East Kent College (09.00 - 12.00) & Westwood Cross (13.00 - 16.00)

If you've a few minutes to spare pop on board and you'll find:

 - Access to funding: Get advice for Expanision East Kent Loan Fund Experts
 - Mentoring: Talk to mentors for Kent Foundation, Kent Univiersities, and business support organisations
 - Inspiration: Hear from some of East Kent's biggest success stories
 - Opportunities: Sign up for prosper, Canterbury's new scheme for creative young people.

If you have any questions or queries please contact eastkent/  0207 199 2204

Kind regards

Peter Hobbs
Chief Executive"

 I'm told that Thanet Council advised the organisers to set up at the locations East Kent College and Westwood Cross because there wasn't time to come to all three towns. to apply for the Expansion East Kent funds, you have to have at least 50% match funding. 

KLM to operate flights to Amsterdam out of Manston

It's been announced that KLM will be operating flights to Amsterdam out of Manston. What seems to be promoted in most of the media is the opportunity for outward bound passengers to then travel on to 130 destinations world wide. More focus on outbound opportunity than inbound to Thanet's own tourism offering. 

Nice to hear Charles Buchanan speaking up for Thanet! Erm...

Charles Buchanan, chief executive at Manston Airport, said: “The new services will be a real benefit to Kent and its residents. Passengers will be able to arrive at Manston, park adjacent to the terminal building, check in and be on the flight to Amsterdam within minutes, a hassle-free experience that makes travelling a pleasure. Passengers from Manston can leave home without the worries of road congestion or excessive flight delays affecting their journey.”

Nothing in this statement outlines any boost to our economy. It underlines convenience to residents of Kent to leave the area.

The flights will start from 6.30am, which many involved in the No Night Flights Campaign have rightly pointed out is against Thanet Council's pledge not to allow flights between the hours of 11pm and 7am.

It will be interesting to see the predicted ratio of inward versus outward bound and the possible effect this will have on Thanet's visitor economy. Fancy going away for a quiet break in Thanet and sleeping under a flight path at 6.30am?

I'm sure the folks at Visit Kent and Visit Thanet have our visitor economy covered and wouldn't back something that could damage Thanet's recovering tourism industry. 

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Arlington Margate - The Public Inquiry

Too tired to write this really and too pressed for time. But seeing most of you know that I'm taking part in the week long Public Inquiry concerning a proposed 82,000 for the Arlington Margate site at Margate seafront, perhaps I can be forgiven. Today was day 1. Very long day. Both me and Mr Nabb gave evidence all day.

I can't write updates about the proceedings throughout, so I'd recommend following what's going on by following:

#ArlingtonMargate on Twitter. 
Margate Tweeps @danabouttown and @missjensa are just amazing beyond words.

Fabulous blog post:

When we came out tonight after what i can only describe as a grilling by one of the country's best and highest paid QC's I was amazed to see how much Margate had been in support of us. Really, though, not sure I'm surprised. I know by now there are some amazing people out there. We were faced with being told by Thanet's legal counsel first thing today that he wouldn't be speaking much and it was all 'down to you and them' as in you, resident and them Freshwater. And indeed, m'learned friend didn't speak much and yes, it was all down to us and them.

Background on the issue:

Tomorrow, residents present for the second day. If you can come and support, please do. Upstairs in the Council Chamber at the Council Offices, Cecil Street, Margate. All starts at 9.30am.

Monday 5 November 2012

Roy Eastland Life Drawing Day, Saturday November 10th 10am-4pm

One of the best things I've done this year has been to attend Roy Eastland's life drawing classes. There is a an opportunity on Saturday November 10th to attend a 1 day class at Margate Adult Education Centre situated on Hawley Square. The class will run from 10am until 4pm.

The class will comprise of a mixture of long and short poses, drawing execises and one-to-one tuition.  Taught in the wonderful Art Deco style former art college building which now houses Margate Adult Education Centre.  This town centre venue is on 'The Loop' bus route, is close to Cecil Sq (for services to Canterbury) and is a short walk from the train station.  Tutor: Roy Eastland (see: 'Roy Eastland Drawing' for examples of this tutor's work). 

Info on the courses:

·         Title: 'A DAY OF LIFE DRAWING' (course code: 4199 MAR-12-B)
·         When: Saturday 10th November between 10am and 4pm (with an hour break between about 1pm and 2pm)
·         Where: Margate Adult Education Centre, Hawley Square
·         Price: £37.50
·         How to book a place: Please enrol at any Adult Education Centre office or by phone: 08456065606 or online at:

Other Life Drawing classes taught at this venue by this tutor include:
·         'A Day of Life Drawing', Saturday 9th March, 10am-4pm (code: 4199 MAR-12-D)
·         'A Day of Life Drawing', Saturday 11th May, 10am-4pm (code: 4199 MAR-12-A)
·         'Life Drawing', Thursday evenings 7-9pm, starts 17th January (code: 4284 MAR-12-B)
·         'Life Drawing', Thursday evenings 7-9pm, starts 18th April (code: 4284 MAR-12-C)
·         'Life Drawing – Beginners', Wednesdays 1000-1230, starts 27th March (code: 4283 MAR-12-B)
·         Note: it is still possible to enrol on the present Wednesday morning Life Drawing course

Sunday 4 November 2012

On going funding concerns of Ramsgate's seafront eyesore Pleasurama site

Terrence Painter (centre)
The ongoing saga of the Pleasurama site on Ramsgate seafront was featured in Friday's Thanet Gazette. Interesting that Broadstairs estate agent, Terrence Painter, ex-Chairman of Ramsgate Town Partnership, ex-Chairman of Margate Town Partnership and if the Margate rumour mill is correct, now also ex-Chairman of Margate Town Team has criticised Thanet District Council for having concerns regarding developers SFP and their experience in developments of this scale.

More on the SFP proposed development at the Pleasurama site, Ramsgate.
SFP (Ventures) UK Ltd
Official website for the proposed Royal Sands development

Mr Painter was recently interviewed on BBC Radio Kent, while still Chairman of Margate Town Team, and seemed enthusiastic about the arrival of Bright House to Margate High Street. A firm who offer an APR of 29.9% for consumer goods. Bargain! Bright House is criticised  by some as preying on the poor. 

Listen to Terrence Painter on BBC Radio Kent

He also said he was working on a development for privately owned shopping precinct Regal Walk which lies to the rear of Margate High Street. He stated it was too early to reveal further details.

PRESSURE is mounting on developers of Ramsgate's former Pleasurama site and Thanet council after being accused of delivering a "decade of nothing".
Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee chairman Ian Driver this week called for the authority's agreement with SFP Ventures to be ripped up ten years after it was signed.
SFP Ventures wants the council to hand it the freehold for £3.3 million so it can secure further funding for the £36 million Royal Sands development – which will feature 107 apartments, seven shops and a 60-bed hotel.Mr Driver said: "The only thing that has happened there in ten years is some foundations have been poured. I think it's a public scandal that this should be allowed to continue. I have no confidence at all that SFP Ventures can complete that work.
"My worry is that the developers are trying their best to get their hands on the freehold because they can sell that on.
"I find it utterly amazing that a project on land which is owned by the council worth £36 million, should be awarded to an organisation that has never developed anything as far as I can tell."
Planning permission was granted in January, 2005, although work did not start until the autumn of 2009.Mr Driver said residents had contacted him to express their "anger and frustration" at the state of the site.
"It's like a tip down there and people are getting fed up with it," he added.
SFP Ventures' agent Terrence Painter said they were only waiting for a draft agreement from the council to assure financiers interested hoteliers before they formally commit to the project.
He said: "We're very, very close to that. If we get a draft agreement signed there is no reason why we can't hit the target date of 2014, getting it in two years to completion.
"People have to be patient and they should be shouting at councillors to push the agreement."
Mr Painter dismissed Mr Driver's comments about the firm, which he says has a strong track record of similar developments in Portugal.
Thanet council said a deal to replace the current agreement with SFP was "virtually done".
Deputy leader of the council Alan Poole said: "Before we sign the agreement we have to be assured that sufficient funding is in place to complete the development, and we need to be satisfied that a hotel operator is in place and due diligence also needs to be carried out to establish legitimacy.
"When we are satisfied that all outstanding items have been addressed we will sign the agreement."

If you do find information on anything that SFP have built, do get in touch.

Saturday 3 November 2012

Why is Mary Portas re-staging original Portas Pilot bid team videos?

This is the original bid video from the Cornish town of Helston. A brilliant community sing-a-long, that as a person involved with Margate's bid, I know will have taken a great deal of time, work and commitment to get together. It's full of hope, spirit and fun. Helston weren't successful in their bid to become a Portas Pilot town, but their brilliant video went viral and has over 12,000 views on Youtube. It will also have had no budget, no celebrity and no promise of television exposure. Compare that to the number of 'pledges' the winning towns have had on the official Mary Portas website.

Last weekend, Mary Portas and her film crew from Optomen organised a clean up in the winning Portas Pilot bid own of Liskeard, also in Cornwall. Mary filmed this for her upcoming documentary made by Optomen TV. Remind you of something?

Similarly, Margate's winning bid video was also a community sing-a-long. We organised an impromtu rendition of the Chas and Dave classic, Margate. Organised in less than 48 hours, also with no budget in a High Street with no frills. We openly invited residents of Margate to get involved. It was key to us winning Margate the bid. The community turned out and participated to secure this opportunity for their town. This is the result. I'd like to also to especially thank my dear friend Jane Behrends, the gorgeous woman wearing the false nose. Jane is sadly no longer with us. She passed away in September, taken from us too early by cancer. We miss her terribly. Jane believed in Margate and she believed in friendship and the true essence of community.

On October 20th Mary Portas and Optomen organised the 'Margate Relaunch'. Mary and Optomen TV re-staged the same setting of our bid video, in the very same location, singing the same song. They re-staged the group rolling of the piano up the High Street at the end. 

This is what Margate Town Team had to say about the efforts of the community who secured the bid on their Facebook page.

Hurt? You bet.
Louise, ex Secretary Margate Town Team 

Wednesday 31 October 2012

The Mary Portas cheap daytrip tickets to Margate

On the 22nd of Oct I wrote to South Eastern enquiring about the cheap weekend £10 day return ticket that had been organised by Mary Portas and announced shortly before the Margate Relaunch event on Oct 20th.

Don't get me wrong. Nothing against reducing train fairs to Margate. They are seriously too high.

I asked Thanet Council and Visit Kent if they had been contacted regarding this offer and surprisingly they said no they hadn't.

The Portas Pilot scheme is all about empowering communities. Yet no one from the Margate Town Team, Thanet Council, Kent County Council knew about it. 

for Southeastern Customer Relations, PO Box 63428, London, SE1P 5FD
Tel: 0845 000 2222

Ref: 564156 / 371584
Thank you for your email dated 22 October.

 I'm sorry that our Mary Portas special offer discounted tickets to Margate don't include the option to stay overnight. As you offer a bed and breakfast service in the area, I realise this must be disappointing for you.

Mary Portas was commissioned by the Government to aid regeneration in the high street. Together with the Local Government Minister, Grant Shapps, she launched a competition to choose 12 towns to become 'Portas Pilots'. The winners stood to benefit from a share of £1million to help turn around their 'unloved and unused' high streets. Margate is one of the towns selected by Mary Portas to be a 'Portas Pilot' town. More details about the project can be found on the Government website:

 We were first contacted by the Mary Portas project a few weeks ago. As part of the project, they wanted us to consider offering discounted rail tickets to Margate. Southeastern is pleased to support the initiative, and we agreed to offer 500 discounted day return tickets each weekend for the duration of the promotion to encourage day trips to the town. However, because the Mary Portas project are liaising with local authorities, we didn't feel it necessary to consult with local authorities or stakeholders about the offer before it was introduced.

 I'm sorry we don't include an open return option as part of this offer. However you'll be pleased to note that, as well as the special-offer Mary Portas tickets, we also offer discounted 'Weekender' tickets (from £31.20) and 'Open Return' tickets (from £36.60) for passengers from London who want to stay in Margate overnight. For our part, we hope that passengers who take the opportunity to use the day trip tickets to Margate will visit for a longer stay at a later date.

 I hope this information is helpful, and thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.

 Yours sincerely

 Daniel Westlake
Customer Relations Officer

Thanet District Council - Latest Asset Disposal List

Annex 1
List of property and land for disposal
1. 470/1-1 - Old rose garden – Rose Gardens, Pysons Road, Broadstairs CT10 2YF
2. 42/2-2 - 41 Hawley Square, Margate, CT9 1NY
3. 213/1-1 - Ramsgate Swimming Pool site, Newington Road, Ramsgate, CT12
4. 364/1-1 - Mocketts Wood, Hopeville Avenue, St Peters Broadstairs CT10 2TR
5. 82/1-2 - Tivoli Road land, Margate CT9 5SE
6. 39/1-3 - 38 – 40 Grosvenor Place, Margate, CT9 1UW

Events: Turner Contemporary - What's on in November

Fresh in from Turner Contemporary for their events running in November.

Re their Late Night Live Christmas item, I'm sure there are some other shops in Margate that might be open too on the evening of Friday November 30th and not just Margate Old Town.

Tuesday to Sunday
and bank holidays
10am - 6pm
(Closed Mondays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve)
Join us on:

Alex Katz: Give Me Tomorrow
Until 13 Jan 2013
Free admission, upper galleries
Come and explore our current exhibition, full of paintings by one of America's most important living artists, Alex Katz. The exhibition features portraits, land and seascapes, figure studies and flowers. Alongside these works are Katz's personal selection of paintings from the Tate Collection.

#katz Alex Katz! Such colour! Reminded me of Italian frescos too. Loved curated works - esp Hockney & Hodgkin. Go on a dull winter day @danabouttown

Maria Nepomuceno:
Tempo para Respirar
(Breathing Time)
Until 17 March 2013
Free admission, Sunley Gallery
Immerse yourself in Brazilian artist Maria Nepomuceno's new commission for our Sunley Gallery, created with the help of local artists and makers and members of the public. Lie in the hammock, feel the textures of the coiled rope and handmade beads and listen to interesting sounds as you become part of the artwork.
Thu 1 Nov & Fri 2 Nov, 12 noon
Free, drop in
Inspired by Alex Katz's love of poetry, writers and graduate students from the Centre for Modern Poetry and Centre for Creative Writing at the University of Kent give lunchtime readings in the galleries of Frank O'Hara's Lunch Poems.

Fri 9 & Fri 23 Nov, 3pm
Free, drop in
Join a member of our programming team for a spotlight talk in front of featured artworks:

9 Nov - Alex Katz, Coleman Pond / David Hockney, Man in Shower in Beverley Hills
23 Nov - Alex Katz, Road / Piet Mondrian, The Tree A / Arbre
22 Nov - special guest tour with Curator Holly Grange
A free guided tour of the exhibition takes place every Saturday and Sunday at 11am.

Alex Katz and the New York School 
Thu 1 Nov, 6pm
Tickets: £5 / £4 concessions
Poet and critic David Herd talks about the New York School poets that Alex Katz painted, their influence on his work, and reads from some of their key works.

Alex Katz and the American Dream
Thu 7 Nov, 6pm
Tickets: £5 / £4 concessions
Following the 2012 US presidential election, author and critic Bonnie Greer, writer on American culture Sarah Churchwell and painter Merlin James discuss the class politics of Katz's paintings and question whether the American Dream is still possible.

Curating Katz
Thu 29 Nov, 7pm
Tickets: £5 / £4 concessions
Artistic Director of Tate St Ives Martin Clark and Head of Exhibitions at Turner Contemporary Sarah Martin reflect on their curatorial approach to Katz's work for Give Me Tomorrow.

Easy Holidays: Story Portraits
Thu 1 Nov, 1- 4pm£3 per child / free for adults, under 3s and families living in CT9 postcode, drop in
Taking inspiration from Katz's portrait paintings in Give Me Tomorrow, adults and children can create their own collage story together, with help from artist Beccy McCray and the University for the Creative Arts.
Easy Sundays
Every week, 1- 4pm
£3 per child / free for adults, under 3s and families living in CT9 postcode, drop in
Help artist Luke Vandenberg to create theatre sets and props at Lights, Katz, Action! on 4 & 18 November, and make textile tunnels inspired by Nepomuceno's immersive installation on 11 & 25 November. 
Life Drawing classes with Roy Eastland
Tue 13, 20, 27 Nov, 6-8pm£8 / £7 concessions per session
Artist Roy Eastland returns to give a series of life drawing classes, in our Foyle Room which overlooks the sea.
Saturday Studio: 
Pouncing Portraits
Every week except Craft Club days
1-4pm, drop in
£3 per adult / children free
We have two activities for you to take part in - try Katz's pouncing technique when making your own portrait / make a wish to hang on our artist-made New Year tree, which will be in our Clore Learning Studio during the festive period.
Portraits day workshop
Sat 17 Nov, 10am - 4pm
£50 / £40 concessions
Artist Charles Williams takes inspiration from Katz's iconic painting style to help you create a watercolour portrait, from life.
Book online at booking code AY134 MAR-12-B
Craft Club
24 Nov, 1-4pm
Free, drop in
Learn craft techniques inspired by Nepomuceno's Sunley Gallery commission with our friendly volunteer craft enthusiasts. 

Fri 30 Nov, 6-9pm, free, drop inWe're getting the festive season started with our special late night event. Join us for the turning on of our Christmas tree lights, to sing carols, celebrate with craft activities and much more. We've got 10% discount in our shop and our neighbours in Margate Old Town are also staying open late - a great opportunity for some Christmas gift shopping.
Northern Ballet's Beauty & the Beast
Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
Tue 6 - Sat 10 Nov Be transported into an enchanting world of colour, inhabited by fairies, goblins and sprites, with an elaborate mirrored set, and haute couture-style costumes.  
Read more and book online at
Main image:
Alez Katz: Give Me Tomorrow, installation view at Turner Contemporary, 2012. Photo Manu Palomeque
- Alex Katz, Black Hat (Bettina) 2010, Oil on linen Private Collection, London © Alex Katz/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY Image courtesy Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris - Salzburg
Maria Nepomuceno, Tempo para Respirar (Breathing Time), installation view at Turner Contemporary, 2012.
Photo Stephen White.
Alez Katz: Give Me Tomorrow, installation view at Turner Contemporary, 2012. Photo Manu Palomeque
- Easy Holidays. Photo Carmen De Witt
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