Friday 16 January 2009

Did I say I love Newington Fish Bar?

I know it's not Margate, but it's great. They really deserve the award winning status. Really excellent fish and chips. They make their own batter, heat it to the right temperature, and the chips are brilliant.

Newington Fish Bar
55 Newington Rd
Ramsgate, CT12 6EW
01843 591549

Best eaten fresh out the bag so it's not steamed up.

Market coming to the Old Town

The Old Town Action Group are organising a series of monthly markets in the Old Town from May to September. Dates to be confirmed. They're looking for independent food contacts who might be interested in a stall. So suggestions are welcome. What's wanted is quality local food produce for a dozen stalls.

I see from today's Gazette that Broadstairs is planning a festival of food that will go on over three days along the seafront in Victoria Gardens. It will take place next September. Sounds great.

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Thursday 8 January 2009

More on domestic tourism increase

BBC feature.
Margate will have to step up in quality accommodation offered if they're to catch part of this increase. Additionally, there should be things for people to do when they get here. Hence we need more independent commercial offerings - shops, cafes and places to eat. One thing that always seems to appeal in Margate is vintage seaside nostalgia and high quality food.

Wednesday 7 January 2009