Wednesday 10 October 2007

12-15 Cliff Terrace - Planning Consultation - Last Day for Objections

Today (10th October) is the last day Thanet Council have stated they will accept objections for planning application TH/07/0940 for 12-15 Cliff Terrace, Margate. It still seems a short and under advertised consultation period from when the last set of revised plans were submitted on Oct 1st. But this has been their final word. It's worth noting that the local authority should have regard to the Good Practice section of DoE Circular 15/92 which in reference to changed plans states the following:

Notification of changes, conditions, reserved matters

25. There is no statutory obligation on local planning authorities to publicise changes to applications once they are accepted as valid, or required by a condition on a previous application (for example, a time-limited permission), or for the approval of reserved matters following the grant of outline planning permission. Nevertheless, such matters are often of most concern to objectors. It will be at the discretion of the local planning authority to decide whether further publicity is desirable, taking into account the following considerations:

(a) were objections or reservations raised at an earlier stage substantial and, in the view of the local authority enough to justify further publicity?
(b) are the proposed changes significant?
(c) did earlier views cover the matters now under consideration?
(d) are the matters now under consideration likely to be of concern to parties not previously notified?

To date, there has been no evidence of a site notice ever being posted at the site, nevermind being informed of the two sets of revised plans with extensive changes submitted on September 14th and then October 1st.