Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Let's set up the Margate Conservation Area Advisory Group

Thanet Council has had a bit of a hard time finding people to come together to form groups to go alongside the designated Conservation Areas. There is a requirement for there to be an advisory group comprised of lay people, i.e. not council officials, to fulfill a number of functions. TDC put a list of the possible role of the groups:

- Help formulate proposals for the enhancement of Conservation Areas.
- Help seek and support funding opportunities for agreed schemes for enhancement and
maintenance of the Conservation Areas.
- Help develop stewardship by raising public awareness
- Comment on planning applications within the Conservation Areas.
- Comment on issues which may affect the Conservation Areas.

So far, it was put over to the Margate Civic Society to see if they could drum up interest in setting up a Margate CAAG. However, much ringing and writing of emails to the Society, what I got in return was that they don't know anything about the CAAGs. So back to TDC. There I was informed that it might be a good idea me to try to organise one myself and take it from there.

So, here it is. The call for anyone interested to join me in setting up Margate's Conservation Area Advisory Group. Please email me and lets see if we can get this ball rolling. Designated Conservation Areas require management and the involvement of the communities living in them.


  1. I could proabbly make a good guess but what exactly is a Conservation Areas and what are they for?

  2. There is more info on Conservation Areas here: