Saturday 29 May 2010

Auction Results

Going, going...gone.

6a Duke Street £45,000

Bargains still to be had in Margate it seems. Houses on Fort Crescent were up for over £300,000 a couple of years ago.


  1. This is unbelievable..Those flats in york mansions have amazing sea views,my friend has always wanted one but believed they were in excess of £1ooooo!where were they advertised?seems like a stich up to me!

  2. They were advertised by the auctioneer, but the boards on the building were taken down by locals. But thankfully, news did spread and people from a wider circle got to hear about them. Just goes to show that flats no matter where they are have a certain value. On the day they weren't worth more than someone was prepared to pay for them. Sad thing was that some people were nervous about the hidden costs that could be levied against an individual flat and the auctioneer was not able to give any information to the contrary.
    Just hope now that the people that own them will together bring the building up to its former glory and not stand for any more speculatory behaviour.

  3. Hmmm.... Boards, what boards and all i can say is that I feel sorry for the new owners and hope they read the legal pack as it seems not all is what it seemed at those flats much to my friends amusement

  4. Tell us more about what you know, seeing as I bought one of these beautiful flats!

  5. I believe there were rumours that the charges for the roof had not been cleared that would be owed by each of these flats. But hopefully this was just rumour. If you have managed to buy your flat and your solicitor is happy then you now have a lovely flat! I for one am happy that the credit crunch has caught out a property speculator holding loads of properties empty. Not good for Margate. And we certainly should not be giving him any public grant money to do the same in other parts of town, which unfortunately is happening.