Monday 22 November 2010

Arlington House residents meeting with Freshwater December 2nd

We've been reliably informed that a letter was sent to "occupiers" of Arlington House over the weekend, from PPS media relations consultants for Freshwater.

They are going to hold meetings at 4pm and 6pm on Thursday 2nd December at the Nayland
Rock hotel.

They state, "We intend to explain how the scheme has been revised since the last time we saw you and to run through what progress has been made on the various issues that were raised back in March".

A concerned resident states, "TDC have pretty much said that whatever Tesco wants Freshwater/Tesco will get, as it's a question of "if we don't take Tesco, then nothing will happen to the Arlington site for the next ten years." The latest
gossip on the Tesco store is that it will be a 70,000 sq ft monster superstore. ( not 60,000 sq ft. as originally proposed.)"

Onwards and upwards!

Interesting report from CABE on the effect of supermarkets on towns in the long run.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link, will gonna visit that.

    Paula M

  2. That is how PPS media relations consultants for Freshwater handles their Arlington House residents.

    Condo home owners will also be pleased if they have such good property consultants.

  3. Landlords of apartments should also do same thing that PPS Media Relations did.

    Great post!