Sunday 25 January 2015

Hoser's Corner - Where is the evidence of works having started?

Following on from yesterday's Twitter discussion regarding the planning status of Hoser's Corner, I went out to the site today. I couldn't find any visible evidence of building works having started at all.

It will be interesting to see the evidence of what works have supposed to have been carried out and signed off by Thanet Council. This derelict plot is a complete eyesore. The previous owner has left it like this for a decade. Since this planning application was approved, Thanet Council put a stop to any more 1 bed flats being proposed in Cliftonville West.

Planning permission was first sought for 26 flats on this site in 2005 (F/TH/05/0070). Since that time, Thanet Council could have enforced this eyesore problem through the legislation at its disposal (Town and Country Planning Act). It has, in the past,  leveraged these powers at the owners of other problem buildings nearby eg The Arcadian and Fort Road Hotel.

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