Saturday 28 February 2015

UKIP's Margate Spring Conference

I've seen more pop from a party popper! UKIP's spring conference came and went. An empty purple battle bus of 'common sense' made endless circuits of Margate. The most exciting thing was a stunt pulled by the musical The Producers who turned up at the conference venue on Friday morning in a tank with a dancing Hitler.

Yesterday, Margate seafront and the Old Town were less busy than usual for a sunny Friday afternoon.

Pictures from Friday 27th.

The Reality Party bus not UKIP's

Today there was the Thanet Stand Up to UKIP march from 12pm. There was a really good turn out for what was today a cold and blustery day. There was a carnival atmosphere as people marched up from the railway station to the Winter Gardens.  I had to leave early to get back to work, so only saw the news of scuffles at the Turner on the Thanet Gazette newsfeed.

There was a small group of cape wearing UKIP supporters waiting for the march to reach the Clock Tower. I think it was an homage to Madonna.

As Channel 4 news's Michael Crick pointed out to UKIP's head of Communications, the conference has turned out to be a bit of a shambles with apparantly no wifi, no mobile phone access and crucially, no manifesto.

By far the best photography coming out of the conference was from photo journalist Guy Smallman. Simply amazing. @guysmallman


  1. Not a single picture of the inside of the packed out conference hall.

    Funny that.

  2. Because I live in Margate and didn't go to the conference.

  3. Good to see a rag bag of lefties opportunists and I guess ailing socialist workers party associates fighting against democracy an dragging Margate further into the gutter in the process.

    Did I spot Cllr Worrow, marching against freedom and democracy if so isn,t he Thanets Equalities bod? often complaining of Hate Crime what about the freedom for political parties to meet to discuss policy.

    Why celebrate leftwing bigots?

    Louise your apparent glee at bigotry is as disturbing as it is stupid, the fear of violent reaction from the crazy left is one of the reasons that UKIP exists, had mainstream politicians been able and honest enough to discuss migration, we would not have the tensions, we now have in our society.

  4. Tony, I don't follow what you mean by 'glee at bigotry'. Biogots referring to areas of Cliftonville as 'No go areas at night'. Now that's what I would call alarmist.

    1. "glee at bigotry" by this I meant the apparent enthusiasm of your reportage.

      Uncritical, why shouldn't the public be allowed to gather peacefully?

      The demo appears to have been organised by left winger activists who keep their own political links vague for good reason since they are probably a mirror of some of the lunitics in ukip.

  5. I think you're projecting, Tony. People have a right to gather and voice their opinions.

  6. Tony my honest view on immigration is that it is good for the country.