Wednesday 25 March 2015

Margate, change is possible

“It will always be the same. Nothing will change” 

This is something I’ve heard time and time again from residents in relation to Thanet Council. 
Which led me to wonder; why is this?

Why can’t things change? And change for the better?

I’ve heard that young people just aren’t interested in local politics. I don’t believe this is true. Young people play a valuable role in Margate and have proved themselves capable of working together to improve the place where they live. Their reward? Thanet Council smashed to bits the Little Oasis skate park  they built with their own hands and not followed through on their promise to restore Hartsdown Skate Park that was backed by a 1500 strong petition. [Sign the new petition here]

I’ve heard that the people of Margate settle for the status quo that merely passes from red to blue and back again over the years or else they would step forward themselves. I don’t believe this true. Good people with valuable experience to share and contribute find the current system of endless committees scheduled at times they can’t attend and back biting party rivalries, off putting.

I believe the people of Margate do care about Margate. But they’ve lost faith in the political system to listen to them.  They’ve lost faith in those in power to bring about change.
This is about Margate, not which colour party you stand for. We all walk the same streets, look out on the same seafront.  The place we live in is the thing that unites us as a town.

In the eight years I’ve lived in  Margate there has been incredible change. But not all for the better.  Those of us that live and work in Margate can see that our streets are still dirty, Margate High Street needs cleaning up, our young people still need places to go.  We can see in the news that Thanet Council needs to be more open and accountable to the people of Margate.

So, I’ve decided to take a step towards working to achieve positive change in Margate by accepting an invitation to stand as the Green Party candidate for  councillor for Margate Central.  I believe the people of Margate can change Margate for the better.

I’m registering to stand up for Margate. I can only encourage others to do the same. At the least, register to vote, it takes 5 minutes and you can do itonline.  You have until April 20th to register to vote. If you want to help with the campaign, get in touch (contact form to the right!). We've got one month to get the word out. 


  1. Good for you. Best of luck with everything. x

  2. Well done Louise. I can feel AMAZING things about to happen to out town!