Thursday 1 September 2016

Nayland Rock Hotel, Margate "mystery owner"

From a recent article in The Telegraph on Margate's wonderful Nayland Rock hotel:
"The hotel is currently without a star to its name, but that according to Carol is about to change. As of last month it has been taken over by a mystery new owner who she is yet to meet. “They are intending to bring it up to a five-star standard,” she says. “Now this place is coming back to what it was." 
No idea why the Telegraph journalist didn't just look up the 'mystery owner' of the Nayland Rock Hotel! It's on the Land Registry as being bought for £1,750,000 by the Bristol based Tower Pension Trustees Limited. This is the same company that bought the pub at 50 Marine Terrace that was then leased on the same day as purchase on a 20 year lease to the operators of Dreamland, Sands Heritage Limited.

Further, Sands Heritage Limited Directors Nick Conington and John Adams have set up a new company called Nayland Rock Hotel Margate Limited (10175490) which has a 100% shareholder, a company called Brede Hotels Limited.

Brede Hotels Limited (10077315) also has Nick Conington and John Adams as directors and a shareholder with 100% of the shares a Nicholas Graham Niell. 

Nick Niell is the boss of the Arrowgrass Master Fund, the hedge-fund that recently lent Sands Heritage Limited £600,000 secured against the Dreamland 100 year lease with Thanet District Council. Arrowgrass is stated in the recent Duff and Phelps administrator's report as now being owed £2.4m by Sands Heritage Limited. See my August 11th post on this here. Arrowgrass was according to Nick Conington's Linkedin profile his previous employer from 2008 to 2012.

Niell and Conington were both registered as the inventors of a 'Media file distribution system and method' on a UK patent in 2002,  which was owned by a company called Digifi Limited (now dissolved). That's six years before Arrowgrass was formed in 2008. A director of Digifi Limited was also John Adams of Sands Heritage Limited.

Digifi's website lists they were partnered with Hush Technologies Limited.

Hush Technologies Limited, also dissolved, has John Adams as a Director and Secretary. Mystery or confusing?

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