Monday 12 November 2007

Back for more. Listed Building Consent Application for 14-15 Cliff Terrace

So, it seems the developer is intent on pushing through the proposal to convert the recently listed tea room buildings at 14-15 Cliff Terrace, Margate. An application has been made for Listed Building Consent (L/TH/07/1527) at TDC. Sadly, the consultation process seems to be lacking yet again. There is no site notice in the vicinity of the site and the application, which is a requirement for applications that concern listed buildings. The application has so far also not turned up on the UK Planning site. A Stage 1 complaint has been lodged with TDC. We'll see what if anything that produces. The consultation for this application ends November 29th. The case officer is Cherry Butcher 01843 577634

TDC have replied stating:

We would welcome any comments that you may have regarding the proposed works. I would like to clarify that a site notice will be posted on site within the next week, giving a further 21 days consultation, and an advert has been placed in the Thanet Extra.

As with all applications, the plans are available to view at the Council offices, and additionally are published online within 5 days of the date of the letter notifying you of this application, which should be by tomorrow. Essentially the plans remain as per the planning application, and a Design and Access Statement relating to the listed building has also been submitted. If you have any difficulty in accessing these plans please do not hesitate to contact me.

So, we shall see...

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  1. Hi again, what are your feelings on the new submissions?

    Having been listed it would be great to see that due care was now going to take place, (although i am now much more likely to believe that yet again KCC & TDC will just let things happen).

    Working for developers, I understand the need to make work profitable. However the listed status surely should been that retaining orginal internatl features should also be considered.

    When "new" conversions take place, much of the story of a place is removed. Coving, architrave etc. What is going to happen to these, once rooms have been split?

    Hmmm i am not cetain all will be well.