Thursday 15 November 2007

Can this really be what College Square replaced?

I found this old postcard of Margate College and thought, it surely couldn't be the building I'd heard had gone to make way for College Square shopping precinct, home to Somerfield, Argos, and Iceland.


  1. I have just discovered your interesting blog and added a link to my own, Margate College was bombed in 1941 and unfortunately for Margate the shopping centre on its site predates the conservation area.

    You may be interested that the building on Ramsgate’s Argos site that would now probably be grade 1 listed was demolished deliberately see

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks so much for your comment and for your post. Wow! Wahat a loss to Ramsgate that was! Amazing. I was reading a few weeks ago via the Margate Historial Society about the awful loss suffered in Zion Place. It really is amazing. One hopes that those crazy times are now past. Although, I'm prepared to reserve judgement. Thanks again. MA

  3. To my mind the building of the dreadful Pleasurama development between The Royal Harbour (Smeaton and Co.) The royal Victoria Pavilion (Stanley Davenport Adshead) and Wellington Crescent (grade 1 listed) is an act of architectural vandalism in the same league.

    I am having difficulties posting to your blog it jumped from wanting me to identify weird letters to saying comment moderation was turned on but wouldn’t let me post under my google identity as far as the preview stage.

  4. Hmm, no idea why the comments thingumy is playing up. I'll look into it.

    I haven't yet had a good peruse through the pleasurama development plans. Will have to check it out. I last remember there being an issue with height?

  5. I have done a small website about the Pleasurama development at it’s a bit of a mess but you may find it interesting.

  6. Hello, The postcard of Margate college was pre its revamp. I have photographs of the college and parts of Margate, i know nothing about. My father and his father and uncle all went to Margate college.
    I use to accompany my father to the annual reunion at the town Hall in London im not sure if it still goes on today.Such a shame they pulled down such a majestic edifice. I believe AA Milne(winnie the pooh) was a pupil there at the same time as my grandfather.If you would like some of these photos i can scan and send them to you. Regards. L.Payan

  7. Hi Linda,

    Many thanks for the offer. That would be great!