Monday 4 February 2008

Marina Restaurant, Ramsgate RIP

Well, not strictly my patch, but I do take an interest in Ramsgate and things of interest in Thanet in general, especially when there is the wanton destruction of a Listed building under the noses of the authorities. Fello bloggers the delightful Eastcliff Richard and Cllr Dave Green have posted the sad news that the Marina Restaurant building on Ramsgate seafront has unfortunately been demolished. Apparantly there will now be moves to make sure it's reinstated like for like. We'll be watching this space with interest. Espeically given the similar intention of the owners of the tea rooms at Cliff Terrace to get it demolished for years before a developer stepped in to 'make improvements'. One hopes that the authorities will ensure the full weight that legislation affords them with regard to the protection of Listed buildings in Thanet will befall the owner.


  1. I understand Eastgate Richard has had his website destroyed by hackers. Might there be any connection here?

  2. This was my home, for two years, from 1986 to 1988, and a number of croupiers from Pleasurama had lived there before and during my stay. Cold and damp in the winter, but fantastic, walking home along the beach at 06.00 in the morning and supping a cold guinness before bed, or a short tumble home from Nero's (also owned by Pleasurama, so free entry)
    I knew the Barkers wouldn't maintain it, they couldn't afford it. After all, the income from the flats was low and, once the Marina and Nero's had gone, who'd stop there for a bite? The Council killed it's trade, and now have to pay to renovate it. Or rather, Thanet's residents do. Disgusting and shameful. Typical of Thanet's Councillors. Profit before property? Probably!!!
    8 January 2010 01:45