Friday 22 February 2008

Want to join a CAAC?

Finally, TDC have got into gear and are kicking off the required Conservation Area Advisory Committees to go alongside the running of their designated Conservation Areas. Fellow Thanet blogger Cllr Dave Green posted the news of their arrival here
I asked them 18 months ago where my local CAAC was and found they didn't have one.

How are the Conservations Areas run I wondered?

It does bother me that Cllr Green suggests the type of people able to get involved. Why shouldn't just anyone get involved? Why is there a limit?

I was a member of one in in east London for 6 years before coming to Margate. Our numbers fluctuated and we were a group of committed locals. Out photographing planning application sites each month and submitting comments and objections and notifying of unauthorised works. We didn't get into building new works ourselves through funding!

I hope Thanet's CAAC's will be great!

There will be a meeting March 6th Council Chambers at the council offices in Cecil Street, Margate on Thursday 6 March from 6.30pm.

Contact Louise Dandy on 01843 577126


  1. I protest!

    The comment you refer to was from the TDC press release!

    In fact what I said was "I know, that many Eastcliff residents have a strong interest in their built environment. I encourage all who can to join me at this meeting."

  2. Sorry, Cllr Green! I misread your post then. The more the merrier then!