Saturday 19 March 2011


The Visitor Centre is moving to The Droit House. Now, is it a good idea to do branding of iconic Margate sites like The Grade 2* Listed Dreamland Cinema that are closed and not due to open for years and are currently covered in scaffolding?

Please Thanet Tourism, promote the things we have and can use now!


  1. Sir Reresby Rookwood22 March 2011 at 02:40

    Mmm sounds good. But the Dramland(sic) cinema should be a cinema not a bloody street culture hotchpotch. The organ should be played, as in the good old days of Tony Savage. I've got some of his records, top drawer, from 30 odd years back during the last great days for Margate. Still, things seem to be stirring in the ruins. Is that a phoenix rising or just the rumblings of Godden's goonsquad shuffling parcels of land? Will the cinema sign now say Hello Margate instead of ood ye Margate? One can but hope.

  2. There is a habit of wanting to promote Margate with images of things that don't exist, like a bunch of people on a roller coaster ride A burrnt out ruin in an unsightly car park) , or middle class families in chinos with bucket and spades on Cliftonville beaches (not exactly a reality) .
    Promoting the Dreamland Cinema (closed for years and no opening date is pretty much the same.
    TDC could get done for false advertising like those guys that set up a Lapland attraction.

    There is so much positive stuff to promote. Why can't they just promote the reality?