Monday 12 September 2011

Nothing in the World but Youth exhibition

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I woke this morning to various outraged tweets from fellow townsfolk of Margate at the tone and bare faced drivel that was passed off as a blog post by Tara Moore for Kent Life magazine.

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Tara was dredging her depths about her recent visit to Margate and the Turner Contemporary. Not enough to moan she didn't like it. She had to moan she didn't like it being refitted for the next upcoming exhibition. Moaning about the cost of the building, she went on to moan about the cafe and shop being open. Make your mind up, love. Moaning about the shops that have opened in Margate. Not good enough for you? I hope she hasn't been paid for this effort. But you know what? Margate doesn't need her. Margate is working hard to move things in a better direction. More about Tara and her wonderful 1994 web design concept Do we really mind that Tara doesn't like us?

Which brings me to the next exhibition to open on the 16th at Turner Contemporary. It promises to be great. If there is one thing that is close to Margate's heart it's youth culture. Out on a limb. Away days of freedom away from it all. More info as always on the Turner website.




  1. I didn't think websites like that still existed, its a joke right?

  2. Looks like it's been deleted (her article, not her website). I'm no big fan of the TC either, but that article was just plain daft.

    On the plus side though she's not bad looking.

  3. Ha! Peter, trust you to say that. The Web is just Pants! and not nice ones either. How to bring about unity in one easy lesson.

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  5. It can still be seen here for anyone interested.

  6. She's right about the high street though - very depressing.
    I do think things can improve though, even with Tesco's 'help'!
    P.S. Looking forward to something new a the Turner - wasn't impressed with the sparse contents of the first exhibition.

  7. Very funny though in the comments to that cached article that she likes to infringe on companies copyrights and not pay to license images she uses... no wonder they pulled the "article" probably scared of being sued.

    Tara Moore likes to think she is a high class write but she is nothing more than a hack in my opinion.

  8. I know this is an old article but I have to comment. I haven't laughed so much at a web design for a long time. Is it from the 1980's ? Is it hosted on Geocities ? I'm a member of a site in which we vie with each other to find the worst web site designs (they have to be genuinely awful and not a "spoof"). I will be submitting this monstrosity. She can expect a lot of hits over the next few days.