Monday, 18 February 2008

Time to rein in the Frankensteins

I'd tuned in to Radio 4 a couple of weeks ago and caught an interview with Tim Knox, director of Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, going on about the plague of public art projects and statues springing up all over the country. Wonder what he'd make of our Shell Lady.

I saw kids with shell lady mini versions in town yesterday. The invasion has begun. Still wonder where the shells have come from.


  1. There's also this on public art from yesterday's Guardian. "What's behind our sudden craving for big, bold works of public art? Jonathan Jones goes on a British odyssey - and finds a whole new country taking shape."

  2. I know slightly off topic. But when you mentioned Sir John Soane, i realised i have information about where he used to holiday. i am going to try and attach the images but if not get in contact with me and i send them on to you.

  3. Thanks for that, Kate! Very interesting! Amazing the picture of the high street and also in the article, how well organised the town was for lodgings and entertainment. I would love a warm spa bath now!