Saturday, 18 September 2010

Georgian Grade II Listed House for Sale

26 Hawley Square is the one on the left of the picture

As usual, the Thanet estate agents have excelled in advertising a Grade II Listed Georgian house by failing to mention that it is Georgian or Grade II Listed. Really there is much work to be done here in Thanet.

How crazy is it that the only sales pitch they have for selling a grade II listed building is to describe that it has plug points, stairs up and down and a dado rail!? They really have no clue. Does anyone put into Google dado rail or stairs up and down?

But I digress. Here are the details of the house which forms part of a pair, situated on the historic Hawley Square with over 30 listed properties surrounding a central green tree lined square.

Details of the listing of 26 Hawley Square:


  1. Do you realise how many listed properties there are in Thanet its harly unique.

  2. it's the only Georgian Square in Margate. How many radiators are there in Thanet? The fact it is an intact Georgian Square is relevant and most agents in other towns would be advertising the fact it's Grade II Listed. it's also an intact house and hasn't been divided into units. Not many Georgian houses in margate left like that!

  3. Dear Anon;
    I think your comment is indicative of Thanet's general disregard for history and heritage. It is because we have these listed buildings and square that makes Thanet unique.

    Of course under your assumption places like Bath and Harrogate, Bristol & Brighton are as common as muck and not worth anything!!!

    Thank you Margate Architecture for posting. I do think that the Estate Agents have a lot to learn. Maybe with the recession of not selling a lot they will need to get more savvy and up their game.

    Produce the property details people who are likely to buy a period / listed building are used to. With layouts, history about the house and of course mentioning that it is Listed and in a Conservation Area.

  4. KLVJ It would be an excellent idea to provide a house history pack for Margate's historic houses. Can I feel a project coming on? :)

  5. I think if all the Historical infomation and atrtefacts from Georgian Margate could somehow be collated together, then the profile could be raised. At present it is only your blog that promotes Georgian Margate.

  6. A question: would it be legal to reinstate those ugly bricked-up windows in a grade 2 listed building? Just curious...

  7. Those were probably never windows. They were added as detail to create symmetry with the next door adjoining house. If they were blocked up, it was a long time ago and tells the history of the building i.e. window tax. what's better to do is to reinstate the original bowed Georgian small pane windows to the main building and remive low grade casement windows. This would require listed building consent.

  8. Beautiful Grade II listed Georgian house on a Square surrounded by listed buildings in a Conservation Area.

    A bit of history such as the fact that Admiral Nelson used to frequent the square on his visits to Lady Hammilton who lived on the other side, Sir John Soane holidayed on the square and keats lived next door.

    Surely those facts could be a selling point, helping to understand why the building may be a bit special? But the local estate agent forgets in favor of pointing out more important features such as a sink and drainer with... drum roll .. a mixer tap above! Other deal-breakers such as a stopcock or a cupboard with electric meter haven't been forgotten.

    It is a pity the original windows have been lost.

    I looked at that house a when it was for sale a few years ago and remember the incredibly intricate carving of oak leaves and acorns on one of the marble fireplaces. I also remember arches with elaborate corbels at the side of the chimney breast and how the afternoon sun floods into the rooms... the estate agent';s photos seem to capture very little, and the whole description would be redundant if they included a scaled plan and some decent photos.

    The sellers could try contacting the Georgian Group, It is a charity and they advertise properties for free.

  9. The Georgian Group DOES take a commission.
    It is a not for profit organisation. The profit goes to the Georgian Group and are used to preserve Georgian buildings and parks.

    They offer a professional assessment of the architectural selling points of the house. And have proper photography and plans. Which seem to be the things are lacking in this case.

    On the site it says:

    "Georgian houses top the tables in every category, according to new research from Propertyfinder published in April 2007. The results show a strong correlation between the age of a property and its value, with Georgian property worth the most while also being the most popular among house hunters (with nearly half regarding it as attractive or essential in their property choices). It is also the rarest, accounting for less than 4% of the nation's housing stock."

    So being listed may not make the house unique, but it would make it that little bit special...

  10. That was great. I enjoyed reading your post.


  11. My present house is full of Georgian furniture. I have been collecting it since 1974.. My last house was a Ten Bedroom Georgian House in the Peak District.
    I have recently read that Margate was a deprived area.. I presume in Culture? I have no relatives. To leave my estate to a Georgian House in such a Square full of my collection of Furniture would be quite wonderful.

  12. What a fantastic building!

  13. I am wondering if anybody may be able to help me!

    I am a student studying historic building conservation, I have been set an assignment that requires me to compile a report for a prospective buyer who wishes to purchase a Georgian house. For the assignment I need to photograph the house inside and out,describe the structure and produce details on any defects and remedial works. Internally the aim is to establish any alterations to the original layout and identify significant elements of the period.
    The report will recommend measures on how to restore it to its former appearance.

    It has proved difficult, understandably! to gain access to somebodies home to do this. I thought someone may be interested in finding out a little more about their home and its history, I will be able to provide a copy of the report with all my findings once complete.

    If any body may be able to help it would be very much appreciated!