Sunday, 6 March 2011

Housing Associations have identified Margate and other coastal towns as ideal investment opportunity


Following on from the post on Orbit South Housing Association's involvement in 19 Hawley Square I was reminded of a recent presentation at the Seasider event where coastal regeneration was the main topic of discussion. A speaker from Local Space housing association stated they were launching Coastal Space and that they have identified coastal towns Margate and Hastings as being good investments for expansion. What wasn't clear to me was good for who? Given our high numbers of unemployed and our housing stock being larger than average buildings (ex-hotels and guest houses, more often than not historical buildings requiring a high standard of upkeep and maintenance), and with 800+ empty properties in Margate and Cliftonville, with already low rents do we need an influx of housing associations?

Here's an article in The Guardian on the impact of the Housing Benefit cap. We will be an affordable region.

"A third of England will become unaffordable for low-income households within a decade, according to a study by two leading housing organisations."


  1. If two thirds of England is affordable why should Thanet be singled out as a target zone. Medway area is also in the affordable zone and is a lot closer to London. For that matter, parts of London also figure in the affordable.

    There really are some people determined to talk down the future of Thanet anyway they can. There is a simple answer and that is that, if you don't like it here, just go!

  2. Who would waste their time putting out that load of rubbish and what has it to do with housing societies moving to Margate.

    Guess it must be our small hours insomniac up to his tricks again and it probably all ties in with the facists conspiracy.

  3. Digby Fitzwilliam22 March 2011 at 03:20

    Coming to a slum near you, more scumbags. Prepare to repel boarders, or should that be prepare for repellant boarders! We can't just go you dope Bluenote, the bloody housing market is being driven down by the slumlords and their fragrant clientele. Who wants to live with screaming pondlife for God's sake? We need to farm the underclass out to the hutches they're building in Westwood. Trouble is TDC wants to depress prices so it's slumchums can get cheap housing. The only solution is a putsch against the regime. No popular cry for that though, all the drones are supine in front of X-box. Hey-ho. Funny how I've grown quite fond of the sleaze of Planet Thanet. Not sure I could go back to sleepy Devizes now. My house would be worth more, but I'd miss the slappers, they're rather sweet really. That pole dancing place is a bloody disgrace though. Do we really need that in a family resort? Mmm better let the dogs out, they can smell a burglar. They do like the taste of em. Come on lads, time for a bit of scumbag arse chewing...