Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fancy a job as a community organiser in Margate and Cliftonville?

I've been sent news of three jobs as community organisers by GRASS (Gordon Road Street Scheme). For those of you on Facebook, they have a page.

For further details about Community Organisers and to make an application please contact Betty Ward Email
Download an application form.

The three roles were funded by Locality. They will work in the Cliftonville and
Margate Central Wards.

GRASS met with Clive Hart last December to tell him of our preliminary approval for two organisers and he voiced his support for the programme. Since then they have been awarded this increased funding for 3 positions.

In addition to creating 3 new jobs, the comprehensive training package provided by Locality, will see our local organisers meeting organisers from many other areas in the country to share good practice and bring some innovative and practical methods back to Thanet. More info about the national scheme:

The full Job pack is a 13 page document which includes comprehensive details about the philosophical and practical aspects of the Community Organisers programme. The expectation is that all Community Organisers will make use of individual laptops, social media, the internet and
electronic communications whenever possible as they spend time out in the community and use a "hot desk" at the Cliftonville Community Centre and elsewhere.

This is the first group to be funded in Thanet, in this Round 9 of the national programme, along with the North Deal Community Partnership in Deal, and several other areas in the UK.


  1. It seems to be the 15th anniversary of Good Friday Agreement.

    Last year a memorial plaque was stolen, for its face scrap value, in Warrington. A memorial to children killed in an IRA bombing.

    What happened after that bombing was that Warrington (Revd Kingsnorth Methodist I think, their oldest male voice choir in England and bereaved families) formed a people power peace mission. To go to Ireland, concerts for peace I think, and ask why.

    And they communicated with the Pat Finucane Human Rights Centre Belfast and so on.

    And they asked why.

    In Thanet we had a lot to contribute to that process. But Thanet, where a lot of people are witholding witness, turned away. Self centred and cynical. Jackals who think they are wolves but anyway they only have inedible sheep to feed on.

    Best of luck with your efforts.

  2. Worth looking into. To be honest I'd not heard of the group but I intend to change that right now. It sounds like something I might be interested in getting involved with although I shall reserve judgement until I have a few more facts under my belt.