Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Join the new Margate Events Group

Margate Carnival

Following recent funding cutbacks, many Margate events were under threat. I've been hearing that many event organisers were struggling to ensure they happen at all this year. And further, that those with ideas and energy were wondering who they could approach at the Council for assistance. 

Last Friday, a meeting took place that was organised by Councillor Iris Johnston to help set up a Margate Events group. Johnston has agreed to stand as interim Chairman until September when the group can be more formalised. The group already has a Facebook page and Councillor Johnston has invited anyone running events in Margate to post them on there.

Help has been at hand to assist in ensuring the long running Margate Carnival is secured for August 4th. Margate Town Team posted the following statement from TDC Cabinet and Town Team member, Councillor Johnston its Facebook page:

'Positive meetings have already been held last week and Cllr Johnston Cabinet member for Tourism looks forward to the on going support of all in the Town and is very grateful to MTT for their immediate response for support.'
Video interview with Councillor Mick Tomlinson, Chairman of Margate Carnival via the Thanet Gazette.

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  1. Nothing whatsoever to do with properties in Hawley Square then.

    Personally I always hated the Thanet Press building, Ugly, dirty. How about a Tesco there? And by the way, it is not opposite the Post Office but down the road a bit.