Sunday, 8 June 2008


A good time was had at the Dreamcoaster exhibition and party this weekend at Substation. The scenic railway has been rebuilt in model form from donated timber. The exhibition has a lovely collection of vintage posters and artifacts from Dreamland and great video footage from back in the day screening from the working park. On Friday there was a reading from Margatonian author, Iain Aitch and Saturday, we stuffed ourselves full of candyfloss, and were entertained by the highly amusing performance from one third of the Dead Victorians group and his musical sheep. All washed down with a fish and chip supper from Peter's and a pint down at Barnacles.

Discussions were abound at what is the one true name of the long sticking out stone walkway into the Harbour. The local contingent swear it has only ever been referred to as the Harbour Arm in this recent phase of renovations. Previously it was known as the 'Stone Pier'. The wooden structure that was destroyed in storms in the 70s was apparantly the 'jetty'. The Parade where Angela's, Peter's Fish Factory and the Harbour Cafe are sited is also bandied about recently as being amusingly referred to as 'The Piazza'.

More parties, please! It cheers us up in the rainy season.


  1. Don't forget Peter Sellers and the elephant!

  2. dont forget this

  3. Whats happened to Margate architecture blog - is he on holiday, somewhere nice i hope with good buildings.