Monday, 21 July 2008

"Mr Turner gets steamed up!"

I was glad to have stumbled across Robert Poulter's New Model Theatre on the Harbour Arm this weekend. I hadn't realised it was on. We caught the showing of "Mr Turner gets steamed up!" which was a jaunty piece about Margate's most famous visiting artist and his liason with a certain Mrs Booth who had a house at what is now the Yacht Club building.

Robert advises signing up to his mailing list to keep up with his latest works as he doesn't get time to update his website.


  1. Yes agree it is great!

  2. Sorry to say that Sophia Booth's lodging house was never the Yacht Club but sited on what we call now, the rendevous car park right of the lifeboat house. It was left of the Custom's House. I can send a picture if you like.

  3. Oh yes please! happy to stand corrected.