Friday 26 September 2008

Favourite places - Batchelors Patisserie

I've been meaning to start posting about some of my favourite places in the area. Then I saw that ECR is calling for input for foodie reviews and it jogged my memory. So, here's the first:

Batchelors Patisserie in Northdown Road. Is a family run business. They freshly bake their own bread and cakes which I think are the best in the wider area, not just Margate. I was particularly impressed with their white loaf, which after a nice chat with the master baker himself, was confirmed as being fat free like it is in much of continental bread. None of their bread contains transfats. Their croissants are really lovely too. They do a nice range of cakes and tarts and some more unusual bread types, such as spelt loaves.

The shop also doubles as a cafe. It has a vintage look with original formica tables from Northdown Road's hey day. One word of advice, don't sit and wait for service, you need to order at the counter! If there were more high quality independent food shops like this in the area, I'd be exstatically happy. Batchelors is a shop that I'm proud to frequent. Couldn't do without it.
They're coming up for their annual holiday on the 27th and will be closed for a fortnight till mid Oct. What shall we do in the meantime? Time to stock up the freezer methinks.

Batchelors Patisserie
246 Northdown Road
01843 221227


  1. Could'nt agree more-DELICIOUS!Rye bread and mini eclairs are melt in the mouth to die for-yummy...

  2. The best cakes i have ever eaten.What a treasure.Should have people queing around the block to get in.Nothing will ever taste as good.They could and really should tripple their prices.Food fit for kings.If Matthew Fort were to visit he would swoon.Would be Londons finest patisserie.Along with the shell grotto should be filed under things to do before i die.Throw away your bread makers and leave it to the experts!! 10/10

    Matt. You could say i am a bit of a fan:)

  3. Only just found this site so am a bit late commenting on this dated review but will say this; it is not often that a business changes hands as Batchelors has in recent years and the quality and hospitality remains consistent. I am guessing this has much to do with the fact that the current master baker/proprietor was apprentice served under the previous one! A credit to Cliftonville.

  4. Batchelors is the finest place to eat in Margate - Kent even! It has a fantastic array of goods ranging from cakes to bread and pastries to truffles. The quality of this produce is only matched by the level of service and warm surroundings. A place that has served Thanet for many years and will continue to for many years to come!