Monday, 29 September 2008

Favourite Places - Windshack Cafe

The Windshack cafe is right on the seafront at Minnis Bay. You can see it from a distance by the windsock that flies above. It's popular with dog walkers because the owner Dougle is really friendly and welcoming of dogs. Each dog gets a biscuit! But there's more to it than just dogs. It's in a lovely setting. I've only been the once, so will pop back for a try of their homemade apple pie. I'm told the smoothies are great too.

We need more places like this. What I'd like to see is a really good breakfast place. Can't go wrong with a good breakfast and a sea view.


  1. Have you seen Also full of interesting and lovely things. I'd like to vote for No 6 restaurant - had a really good meal there recently and the Rioja was excellent.

  2. Thanks, Maisie. I have seen Very nice. I might have to try No. 6 again then, as I had not so nice food a while back. Perhaps it has changed?

  3. Just back from our Canterbury and Kent Coastal bike tour and had their delicious coffee and scones with clotted cream and jam! Dougie and Dave are quite hospitable! Carl and his 4 Belgian Shephards pointed us in the direction to the Windshack and we are so grateful to him.