Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sleaford Mods

Friday night was a fine evening of entertainment in Margate. We had a very nice meal of beef stifado at Bebeached which gave us views of one of a brilliant sunset. Even the Pink Flamingo looks nice when it's lit up. Then off to Westcoast for a drink where I was outdressed by the visiting mods. Downstairs at the Front (not sure if this is now referred to as Westcoast!) to a performance by Sleaford Mods, who turn out to be one. John Cooper Clarkesque, ranting stream of organised chaos consciousness.


  1. I emailed the address in the local press to get involved in the friends of Huntington's cemetary, but I never received a reply. Are you still looking for recruits?

  2. Sorry. yes. Will be getting back to people. About to do a post with an update.