Tuesday 22 November 2011

East Kent £40m Regional Growth Fund Launch

We had only 48 hours notice to attend a breakfast meeting from 8am - 10.30am last Friday at Hornby on the 18th of November. Seems like it was aimed at businesses large enough for people to be able to take time off at the last minute.

Lots of talk again about how Manston Airport will create thousands of jobs. And yet more on the possible future Parkway Station.

Is there a risk that a Parkway Station would cost us a cut in train services at the towns of Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate?

Who wants to come to an town to have to get a shuttle bus to their final destination?
In the meantime we're waiting to hear how much of this fund will be utilised to create jobs within small businesses and SMEs.

Full article on The Thanet Times:


  1. Do try and keep up and stop peddling the earlier Labour panic story about Manston Parkway which was discredited as alarmist rubbish a year ago!

    Manston Parkway is a planned stop to accommodate the development of the airport, there is no suggestion anywhere that it will replace services to other Thanet mainline stations.

  2. Not peddling panic, Simon! We lost train services during the golf open, we're going to lose them during the Olympics, we lost commuter trains to the City when HS1 launched. When asked about this, Paul Carter from KCC stated he thought it perfectly fine and great for tourism to Margate that passengers get shuttle buses from Parkway to Margate. We should be raising this as an issue ahead of the build of Parkway to make sure we do not lose anything.