Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Kent Creative Workshop - Thursday December 6th

Calling all creatives!

Come to a workshop to help Kent County Council understand the needs of creative people and businesses across the county.

Thursday December 6th, 4pm-6pm: Margate Media Centre, 11-13 King Street, Margate, CT9 1DD.

The full range of workshop dates are in the invitation PDF.

On behalf of Kent County Council, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (www.tfconsultancy.co.uk) is carrying out research into Kent’s Creative Hotspots – those places where the creative sector has the greatest potential for growth and where investment in workspace and 'wrap-around' infrastructure will deliver the enabling conditions for a vibrant and value-adding creative sector. In doing this we hope to understand the current provision of workspace for creative businesses, forecast what future demand and potential gaps in provision will be, as well as identify those places which represent the biggest opportunity for growth.
Each workshop will focus on three main questions:
1. What are the current strengths and weaknesses of Kent as a location for creative practitioners and businesses?
2. What are the biggest barriers to success faced by creative practitioners and businesses in the County?
3. What should be the priorities for investment in the future for public and private sector organisations?
RSVP to andrew@tfconsultancy.co.uk

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  1. So how much are KCC spending on yet another consultancy?
    They have just spent £38,000 on a consulative budget document, 401 people replied, what a waste of our money as the council will just do as they wish anyway.