Tuesday, 11 December 2012

When will Margate Town Team have a meeting the public can go to?

I asked Margate Town Team if the meeting tonight was open to the public. This is in addition to asking who is on the actual Town Team Committee, details of the budget, expenditure and minutes from the meetings since August.

This is the reply I got:

---------- Forwarded message ----------Date: 11 December 2012 14:15
There is definitely NO PUBLIC MEETING this evening - I fail to understand why certain individuals spread rumours that are completely untrue and cause unnecessary grief.   Please spread the word to quash this rumour.  
We are having a normal MTT meeting with Exec Committee and TT Members only.  If there had been a public meeting this would have been widely promoted, of course, and definitely sent out to all my contacts and local traders informed.  
With Christmas pending, this is not a suitable time for a Public Meeting, so when one is organised sometime in the New Year, I will definitely inform everyone as I always do and will give plenty of notice, which is important to involve all interested parties.  
Hard copies of the past minutes are now available for inspection in the MTT Office. Wanda will be attaching copies of these also to the Margate Town website.    
Sorry to dash - if anything else, I will respond tomorrow.  
Kind regards P

[Ed.] By the way, I didn't add the red 'NO PUBLIC MEETING' that was in the reply email!

Now, call me crazy, but really is it odd to expect that 7 months in to a 12 month Central Government backed pilot scheme that members of the public would be able to come to a meeting?

Never mind the fact that there is still no confirmation of who is on the Town Team Committee and how they got on there. No minutes in digital format, other than a hard copy in 'the office', and no details of budget expenditure.

We've heard nothing of anything organised for Christmas for the High Street. Nada. 


  1. Nothing unusual about this when it comes to Thanet unfortunately (ask Clive Hart!).

  2. I am totally confused as we appear to have TWO town teams. Onew established a pop up shop in the upper High Street, the other opened a chavs junk charity shop in the lower High Street. It seems that a golden opportunity has been negated by another group of ego tripping selfish souls ... who clearly mimic the antics of TDC members. No, I am not angry. Just bitterly disappointed.

  3. Would be interesting to see the exact wording of your original email that he replied to Louise, just to know what (if anything) inspired the red lettering.

  4. Louise
    10:23 (13 hours ago)

    to P

    Hi P

    I was told on Friday by someone in a pub that there is a public meeting of Margate Town Team tonight. I've tried to look for information on this and can't find any.

    Is there a meeting?

    I had hoped to be kept in touch as per the email below.



  5. Hi Chuck,

    there aren't two town teams. Only one. The pop up shop is in one half of the building bought by Town Team Chairman, Richard Ash in the spring. The other half of this building which is opposite Cafe G holds the town team meetings.

    The shop opposite the KFC is Streets ahead and has held a number of events. Perhaps you are referring to the Thanet Familes In Need organisation which has been really well frequented.


  6. It doesn't matter what Louise asked, no-one should belong to a public decision making group and communicate so badly. There must be a constitution set out somewhere, otherwise they're not worth the air that they breath. FOI

  7. "Hard copies of the past minutes are now available for inspection in the MTT Office."

    ...on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying "Beware of The Leopard".

  8. This is the problem when you get a Tory fashion tottie drawing up government policy. The Tories are so thick, they believe if you can make a couple of quid you can successfully run a country. Evil self-aggrandising nazi's!

    1. And people wonder why this blog is called "Margate Labour" by the Tories.

    2. What a nasty piece of work you sound

    3. And you who is so sensitive about a Tory being called a nazi, clearly have an inferiority complex. Ha ha!

    4. quod erat demonstrandum

    5. Cowardly anonymous lefties.

  9. I went to the Town Team office today. The minutes are print outs of documents. So don't know why people have to go in during the day to ask to read hard copies. Will ask again for them to be emailed.

  10. Nice post! great efforts by your team. Street teams Thanks for knowledge.

  11. Please keep us updated, particularly when there is a public meeting. I sadly get the feeling that it is a only a favoured few who are going to benefit from this scheme and would welcome the chance to ask some questions - the 'town team' are not easy to get hold of...