Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday night events in Margate - dogs in snorkels and art in the Grotto

You'll probably have heard by now that I decided to stand as an independent candidate in the upcoming District Council byelection for Cliftonville East seat. More info on TDC's website. I'll be launching a new website this weekend, where I'll publish everything to do with the election. It's been a mad couple of days, as is the nature of getting a candidacy together for a byelection at the last minute. And doubly so as an independent. 

I'll leave you this fine Friday evening (looks outside at the weather...well, perhaps not so fine...) with news of two very lovely events going on tonight.

If there's a thing I like, it's dogs. And dogs in hats and snorkels, even better. So tonight's opening of renowned urban artist Teddy Baden's Atopy and the Raindog show at Margate Gallery is set to be a real treat. It starts tonight 6-8pm. More info on their website. There's a do to do with it all on at the Great British Pizza Co. too I think.

And a mere 5 min walk away over at The Shell Grotto is an opening of a 
diverse show in mixed media from Mandy Quy-Verlander, Sue Rumsey, Karen Richards and Elisia Hogben, Fine art students from UCA in Canterbury. And if dogs in snorkels isn't enough, a great show in one of the world's finest, bijou mystery attractions? More info on their website, too.

Karen Richards

Mandy Quy-Verlander


  1. More on your candidacy here:

  2. Good luck with the website if Michaels post is to be believed no one else has a web presence either, I must say I found you in two seconds via google.

  3. I don’t think the conventional party members like the idea of candidates having a web presence at all, in fact I think the thought that voters may actually try to find out something about candidates they may or may not vote for scares the hell out of them.

    What they appear to want most of all is to have a two party system with no other councillors in Thanet, and at the moment it seems most of the Thanet electorate vote either Labour or Conservative, without haven any idea who they are voting for, or for that matter any understanding of the difference between parish, district or county councils.

  4. And will you comply with election law?