Monday, 2 March 2009

Lovely photos of Margate Harbour from the 1920s

Thank you Tony Beachcomber for letting people use these images from his private collection. Isn't it sad how the front at the Harbour lost some lovely buildings such as the Hotel Metropole. The modern building now next to Royal York Mansions really is an inferior piece of architecture. Hopefully the soon to be proposed hotel coming next to the Turner will be a beacon of quality modern architecture. One lives in hope.


  1. I didnt know we were getting a Hotel as well I would have loved to have seen the Metropole and what Tony said a few weeks back about the slum clearances make you realise give some people power and it goes to their head I no longer collect post cards I just save Tonys pictures

  2. check out the interesting building on the harbour arm, wonder what that was? Probably lasted longer than the fall flat on its face attempt of last year? Nevermind it had such great potential and still does i suppose