Monday, 2 March 2009

Margate Caves proposed as wedding venue

What a brilliant idea! I was really shocked to see recent talk of filling the Margate Caves up and building a car park on top. Can't remember where I saw that. I'd love to see the caves opened and maintained. It's one of those original Margate attractions that would have universal appeal along with the wonderful Shell Grotto, a heritage funfair at Dreamland etc.

The Thanet Times says Kevin Crace, who is also trying to save and revive the Westgate Pavilion, has put in a bid to save the caves and get it licensed as a wedding venue. Looking at the shape of the tunnels, it does look churchlike. I hope Kevin is successful. We need more ideas like that in town.

What does everyone else think?


  1. Yes-fab idea

  2. it has its own chapel carved into the chalk - and could be an interesting venue for all sorts of different occasions.

    chin chin