Monday, 31 August 2009

Food Market in Margate Old Town - what a great day!

It started off a bit windy just before the market officially opened, but it blossomed into a glorious day of sunshine. the stalls looked fantastic and there as a lovely selection quality produce. The Benedictine Monks from Ramsgate sold a record number of pots of honey which just goes to prove that specialist quality products do have a place in Margate. Pictures from the day below and a video by Tim Spencer. Thanks, Tim!

We had to share the Market Place with the visiting Chinese delegation. TDC kindly chucked us off the pre-booked Market Place on the morning of the market. Nice one, TDC! But let's not let this blip spoil the day. Here's looking forward to possible food markets to come.


  1. I bought some great food there then went to the Wimpy along the seafront for scampi and chips - the same family has run the business on those premises for over 50 years! It was an ice cream parlour when they took it over.

  2. How prattish of TDC to move it at the last minute. I suppose when the sound of Chinese money is heard rattling, promotion of Old Town events definitley come second.