Thursday, 27 August 2009

Saving Britain's Past

Nice programme on the history of the system of listing buildings and conservation. Interesting section of the programme on how much tourism is created by historic buildings in Bath. Obviously on a much smaller scale, but Margate could, if it is careful, create a similar scaled down draw for the Old Town.

It is utterly shocking not only the destruction of swathes of fine buildings, but the replacement with utter rubbish. Personally, I'd like to see more good quality modern architectural proposals backed up with enforcement so that historic buildings that remain are not left to rot.


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  2. The Prospect Inn near Minster & The Royal Seabathing Hospital in Westbrook are two excellent examples of incorporating the old with the new (or at least will be if / when the latter is finished!), & that's what I'd like to see more of. The Lido for example has LOTS of potential.

  3. Much more prospect for Ramsgate to be Bath-by-the-Sea methinks. 911 listed buildings, actually more than Bath I am told.

    Only trouble is the council want to fly ruddy great jets over it all night!

  4. The whole area has POTENTIAL but what use is that without commitment and investment? We must not just recreate the past but coem up with some decent manageable solutions for the future.

  5. But how is the Turner Centre design an enhancement to Margate?

    I am sure once inside looking out all will be great with fabulous art etc..
    BUT what about the serfs who have to look at the most ugly erection in Margate since the slimy tower block at the other end of the bay – I suppose at least we will have one at each end.

    Who designs this crepe? And who approves it? AND I guarantee both don’t live in Margate

    Come on Al Quaida where are you when we need you?