Friday, 15 January 2010

How to get around Margate area on foot

I've been thinking about how car based Margate is in terms of access to the main tourist spots. How does one get from Margate seafront to Botany Bay, Kingsgate and Joss Bay without a car?

The bus routes take people on shopping trips to Westwood Cross and serve housing estates so meander a lot in land.

If we had a lovely sea walk the same standard as Minnis Bay to Reculver, we would be able to provide a great pedestrian offering to visitors. The walk along by the Cliftonville Lido and Palm Bay leaves much to be desired. It's no wonder that families are not attracted to use it. Yet this stretch of seafront used to be a quality beach experience. It boasts stunning views and is a nice length of walk for day trippers. If we can join up the attractions people will open businesses such as outdoors sports and also find it more appealing to move to the vicinity.

Are there any plans to improve the seafront from Margate to Botany Bay?

This would presumably fit with the overall regeneration plans for Margate and Cliftonville.


  1. I agree that it needs vast improvements along there, though walking (or cycling) along the top promenade is quite pleasant. One thing I find unfortunate is that so many coastal lifts have closed or been allowed to fall into dis-repair (& not just in Thanet either). Surely in these days of providing disabled access they should be prioritised?

    I'd love to see something done with the Lido building & swimming pool area.

  2. I think its going to take a long time to see improvements such as you have suggested. It's a great idea though. Lets hope somebody from the local authority reads this.