Tuesday, 12 January 2010

John Kampfner looking forward

Nice piece in The Guardian from Turner Chair, John Kampfner. The Turner is on budget and on schedule. He also likes the new vintage shop openings in Margate Old Town. Nice to see he's taking an interest and spending some leisure time here too.


  1. The new shops there are great, but there have been a few there for a while now. I did all my Christmas shopping in Old Town Gallery, Qing and Ingoldsby as I live just round the corner. Great shops, artisan goods and lovely service!It is turning into a really nice area. Am glad to see John is finally taking an interest. I feel it is people like him that need to mention Margate more.

  2. I think he might have meant the newest shops. Such a good fit for the Old Town. The antique shop in the old Mannings shop/Harbour Monkey, Helter Skelter, Betty B, and My Old Dutch is really a turnaround.