Friday, 1 April 2011

Friends of Shell Grotto news

From our very favourite Shell Grotto:

"Hello Friends

Another brief update from me to bring you news of all that's happening in April. First up, the Grotto is moving onto summer opening hours – daily, 10am-5pm, from Saturday 9 April. This is also the date for Obscura Day, an international day of "expeditions, back-room tours and hidden treasures". Check it out here:

Our event, early-evening candlelit tours of the Grotto, is here:

You’ll need to book your places on the Obscura website and this is one event when we can't offer free entry to Friends (because it's being administered by the Obscura team). Scroll down from our event and you’ll also find details of what the guys at the Substation are doing for the day.

The long-awaited opening of Turner Contemporary happens on 16 April. There’s a 10-day programme of free festivities around the town, details here:

So, what with Bank Holidays galore, April is a good time to come and visit! Hope to see you soon.


Shell Grotto"

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