Friday, 22 April 2011

Shop: The Seventh Magpie, Margate Old Town

Popped into The Seventh Magpie at lunchtime. It's nestled inside an original Georgian shop on Duke Street, the road that leads from The Old Town back to the Parade and The Harbour. It's become a really lovely shop with cabinets of customised treasures glinting in the cool shade of the shop. Also famed for brilliant shop window displays. A range of jewellery caught my eye, fashioned from watches and time pieces. It's one of a growing number of creative shops in Margate, who have carved out their own niche.

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  1. Rox has always done great work. Her theatrical styling and eye for the unique is a credit to the Old Town and Margate. Well done her.

  2. Amazing, there is certainly some creative people moving into the old town.
    On the subject of creative people I am looking for someone who can do something with some of the unusual things I find on the beach. They can have the bits I find to create things for nothing, I just think it would be a good idea to see something made from items derived for the sea.