Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Kid on the Blog: Margate CAAG launches blog with vision for Arlington



  1. This might've worked in London, but who'd want to sit around in the shadow of a tower block with very poor views when there's a seafront & harbour around the corner?

  2. exactly,and who is going to pay for this?at least Tesco has got the money behind it...

  3. Tesco have offered nothing, zero, £0 towards the refurbishment of Arlington House or the commercial areas and public realm on the ground floor.

    If anyone has any evidence that Tesco has promised anything. Please let us know. There isn't even a 106 agreement.

    106 agreements are a standard document that outlines how much a developer will contribute to public realm projects. Usually, for a development of this size, a contribution of over 1 million would be normal. They are proposing nothing. TDC is asking for nothing

    Freshwater should pay for any renovations of Arlington house.

    You may thing they are poor and cannot afford renovation works, but actually, they are just mean and don't care about margate or the residents of their buildings. Freshwater is one of the richest property owners in the country. 55 in the UK rich list.

    Freshwater have engineered the dereliction of the shopping arcade by closing the car park, thus making the throughway into a dead end. These are nasty people that deserve no support.

  4. Margate old town and market place area is full of cafes shops and seating where people enjoy spending time. No view of the sea there.

    If Sam Causer's vision were realized, there would be a combination of local shops, a supermarket (a town size one, not an out of town super shed) parking for residents and visitors to the beach and town. Arlington would be a vibrant part of town.

    The Freshwater Tesco plan is just pure greed. We already have evidence of what Westwood Cross did to Margate, why let Tesco move in for the final Kill?

    Margate has started to come back up. Turner is a great success, small individual businesses are opening every week in the old town and starting to creep up the high street while pound shops have started to appear at Westwood Cross. The last thing we need is for Tesco to stifle the growth of local business and make the seafront a polluted traffic jam full of heavy goods vehicles and an unsightly industrial shed in front of the station.

  5. Well there's already "an unsightly industrial shed" at the other end of the seafront, so why not another one that actually give what most of the locals actually want (as opposed to what most of the locals didn't want)?

    As for cafes & eateries, they're reaching satuation point in Margate now. So the last thing the existing businesses want is yet more of them.

  6. So what happened at the big TDC Planning meeting last night? There seems to be a news blackout. What is going on?

  7. It was approved by TDC. : )

  8. It was deferred to the Secretary of State for a decision because the superstore is greater than 5000m2 floorspace. TDC decided to approve it, but it still has to be decided on by The Sec of State who may approve or reject it or send it back to TDC for the final decision.

    I will be posting an update later on the Committee proceedings. Quite shameful in parts.