Friday, 9 December 2011

Thanet elects a new leader

We can't not mention the big news of last night really, can we? I know most of the Thanet blogs will have covered it at length. But seeing as we were at the Full Council last night when the vote took place, I can't really miss saying:

We have a new Leader of Thanet Council! 

And do you know what? It feels very good. Like a breath of fresh air has breezed in. And no, Councillr Moores that doesn't signify I'm a Labour blogger! Though not sure that why that would be an insult! 

So congratulations Councillor Clive Hart. Not that it's going to be an easy task steering Thanet through these choppy waters. But given how for most of the community events we've taken part in Labour Councillors have always been present, we're looking forward to more strategic partnership working with key stakeholders in the town. 

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