Sunday, 4 December 2011

There is no hotel operator in place - so what will it look like and for how long?

Arlington Front 111109 LN5

Over on the Arlington Margate blog there is a scaled elevation drawing of what the Margate seafront could look like for years to come if permission is granted to demolish the front of the building without there being a hotel operator in place. And guess what folks, the developer told TDC in May that there isn't any interest from a hotel operator and there isn't likely to be one until after the store is completed and trading.

The blog post has details of the email sent from the developer to TDC in May confirming this lack of interest.

We also see that Thanet Councillor Simon Moores is of the opinion that anyone who discusses factual evidence is a fantasist while at the same time asking the public to believe the truth lies in unattributed statements from the local newspaper.




  1. *Could* take years, or it could be very soon afterwards... Either way, a thriving & busy newly built superstore will look a damn site better than the boarded up shops & 6 ft high weeds that are there at the moment.

  2. You noticed those tall, thin blokes as well then, Peter.

    With you on anything being better than the present eyesore and at least Tesco have the money to redevelop the place which is more than TDC do or Freshwater would ever spend.

  3. No Hotel operator? I am assured Hilton Group are very interested!


    Why not something that looks like this - a lot more friendly on the surroundings?

  5. Margate Architecture4 December 2011 at 17:55

    Why are the shops boarded up? Freshwater, that's why and TDC let them. Tesco will not be doing up the front. There will be a hole and the view will be of the back of a store.

  6. New to this site. Is it an outlet for the Labour party?

  7. Margate Architecture4 December 2011 at 20:12

    Pete, erm, no. Last time I looked I wasn't a member of the Labour party.

  8. isn't the photo mock up enough of a visual to realize how ridiculous this is?
    all that money spent on dreamland and then ruin it again with a real eye sore with no heritage what so ever!

  9. Just walked past the Sea Bathing to spot a Tesco store is opening on the canterbury road in Feb 2012!