Sunday, 28 June 2009

Another massive fire in Margate - Grosvenor Place

I've only just heard and haven't been down to see the damage yet. What a way to wake up on Sunday morning. Tragic, tragic, tragic. Come on Margate, you can do better. Grosvenor Place is lovely.

Edited to correct the address to Grosvenor Place.

I've been out there this morning. Fire crews are still working on it with cranes and the road is closed off. The fire started in house where a fire had previously taken place recently. This is now gutted. The terrace involved has iron balconies to the front. A passing resident remembers how Grosvenor place used to the a very smart street. How different it is today because of badly maintained buildings offering low standard rental.


  1. There isn't a Grosvenor Road in Margate.

  2. This makes me so sad. Grosvenor Place is beautiful. This is clearly another arson attack by desperate people with no heart who want to claim the insurance money. I sincerely hope they find enough evidence to prosecute.

  3. who said lightening doesnt srike twice were wrong so wrong the last fire at grosvenor place was not an insurance job 2 18 year olds lost there lives that night another had horrific burns while another had to jump from a 2nd floor window i felt sick when i was told the news i am just thankfull that no one was hurt this time james mullins and david slater we love and miss you very second of every day