Saturday, 17 July 2010

What are the top ten environmental action projects in Thanet?

Well, according to the 'Corporate Plan Refresh (pages 67-82) in the papers published for the Council's General Meeting held on Thursday 15th July:

1. Welcome signs at entry posts to Thanet.

2. Locate red port hand navigation buoy to side of carriageway at upper Ramsgate Port roundabout.

3. Locate 2nd EAP navigation buoy at Margate Station Green roundabout, or other location if first choice not appropriate;
Really?! This is a major improvement project? Who decided this?

4. Paint Margate Harbour lighthouse (colours to be decided) after appropriate consultation with public;
This is madness! Out of all the things that need attention on Margate seafront, a perfectly fine original stone lighthouse on the end of what was originally known as the Stone Pier is singled out as a key environmental project! How did this make it on to the key environmental project list?

5. Remove bricked planters in Margate Hight Street and replace with hanging baskets;
Well, those planters are horrible.

6. Replace kerbside fixed waste bins in prominant locations - starting Ramsgate;

7. Andrews passage Margate - project with KCC
What's this all about then?

8. Margate Old Town lighting project;

9. Nayland Rock derelict land improvements for the 2010 summer season;
Is this the strip of land owned and sat on by the same owners who also own the ex-Conservative Club on Hawley Square that burnt down? If yes, they should be made to do something with it.

10. Routine maintenance to street furniture in all towns.

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