Monday, 31 January 2011

Choose how Margate is promoted

Margate is being developed as a brand.

How should it be presented for promotional and marketing purposes? They are running a 'vote for your favourite of three' exercise until Friday the 4th of Feb.

This exercise has been undertaken by the Local Authority in a series of 'conversations' with the public. A branding agency was chosen from a shortlist of agencies.

I'm not really all too convinced about the exercise of branding a town in general. But I do think it is important to understand who the target market is.

Who is this supposed to attract? If it is visitors to the area, then you have to make sure that this is tested on them.

How will this read on a poster at a distance? Or flicking through a magazine?

To be honest, if I give a monkeys, I'd opt for least offensive, please. And in design, is design by committee, or in this case public consultation ever a good idea? Were any of the great things from Margate's past, designed by committee? Or were they just great ideas that someone with passion put out there?

Should a font be 'fun'? Or should the poster have a striking image on that is fun.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Creative Margate Calendar (private)
Date: 31 January 2011 15:27
Subject: How Margate should look?

Dear All,
As part of the Countdown to Margate 2011, we have been developing a toolkit for Margate, which will be used to promote the town.
The outcomes from the first Margate Conversation event have influenced this work and we now have three draft options for how the typography
within the toolkit could look. We would like to ask you to look at the three different options proposed and choose the option you like the

You can read more about the Margate toolkit and access the online vote
by visiting:

You can go straight to the online typography choices by using the link

Please can you submit your choice by Friday 4 February.

Thank you for you help and you can keep updated by visiting
Many Thanks
Sharon Sebastian


  1. I think option 3 is the best one although the font could be a little more legible. The other two didn't seem as personal.

  2. What does 'personal' mean? How will it work as a typeface if it isn't legible? And would option 3 be better for a children's toy than a town? Did a child draw it?

  3. Option 3 says that in Margate we're all a bit thick and write like 5 year olds. Not exactly aspirational. Rather dumbed down condescending. Apart from that, it is hardly legible.

  4. I quite like the handwritten one but not sure if it will work when used on small things? Quite like the fact that peoples thoughts are being considered

  5. I think option 3 is fun and interesting, which Margate is supposed to be surely?

    I guess we should just go with the boring ones because the old people (and i don't mean physically but mentally) are happy to let the place just die.