Sunday, 3 May 2009

New cafes open in town

The new Be Beached cafe on the Harbour Arm has opened this weekend. Really great menu, that balances local quality produce and price. There is a tasty brunch menu which includes most dishes for under a fiver. Poached duck eggs and granary fingers, kedgeree, smoothies. There are many veggie options with a few dishes for meat eating friends. I had a fine pot of coffee and a fairy cake yesterday and a nice ginger beer today while I soaked up the sun and the view. I wish Be Beached every success! You can also find them on the web!

There is also the London Pie and Mash shop in the old town. I'm no afficionado for traditional pie and mash so I'm afraid I went for gravy like a true northerner! I'm told I have to go back for the liquor and chilli vinegar. It was great to hear people reminiscing in the place about their east end London pie experiences. I can see this place being a real winner.


  1. Just what Margate needs, more places for people to eat out...

    OK, I'm being overtly cynical (& I agree this looks good & I'll no doubt check it out myself), but after yet another bank holiday monday with so few people in Margate I can't help it (& who's bright idea was it to have railway engineering works today, therefore further putting off anyone planning to come down from London or the Medway towns for the day?).

  2. Hmm, I dunno. It depends what you're comparing it to. To me there were loads of people on the beach on Saturday. Most places looked full on the Parade. Lovely weather all weekend. So I wouldn't say it was exactly quiet.

  3. Agree-It was packed,music festival and great weather,my friends and I sat on the parade and had a drink and listened to music,great time had by all